Fauja Singh – 100 years and runnin’

With Bhangras and Jakaras – our very own beloved Fauja Singh crossed the finish line to be the first 100 year old to complete a marathon – thus also setting a world record.  Running in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, he may have been last in the pack – but he finished first in the hearts of all.  Many of us were following our Torontonian brothers and sisters live tweet as #faujasingh as it began trending in Toronto and through all of Canada.

Here he is crossing the finishing line!

YouTube Preview Image

Will the centenarian hang up his Adidas shoes now that he has set this record?  HARDLY!  Next up – for us Californians, we get the chance to meet him at the upcoming SikhLens Film Festival in Southern California from November 18-20, 2011.  Then back to the world stage for Fauja Singh as he will be part of the torchbearer relay for the 2012 London Olympics.  Keep on running Fauja!  #faujafever

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6 Responses to “Fauja Singh – 100 years and runnin’”

  1. Blighty Singh says:

    I remember reading or seeing an interview with Fauja Singh a good few years ago in which he stated the secret to his success were the 'pinnia' he ate everyday. Specificaly, pinnia with alsi in them (flaxseed). I remember at the time, it led to a discussion about flaxseed (which we from rural sikh families normally fed in bulk to the bulls to fatten them up) with the consensus being that it (alsi) was some kind of wonderfood with super qualities not found in any other food source. So there you go. Pinnia. Especially pinnia with alsi in them. The old girl used to make them all the time and I used to do nakre about eating them. Not no more. As soon as I get home this evening I'm gonna ask the wife to make some. I wanna be just like Fauja Singh. Everybody wants to be just like Fauja Singh. THE Sikh hero of the century.

  2. brooklynwala says:

    was happy to see colorlines reporting on this: http://colorlines.com/archives/2011/10/todays_lov

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