Attention Sikh Art and Film Enthusiasts!!

It’s that time of year again!

For those Southern California natives, you (hopefully) know it rolls around once every year. This year, SikhLens is proud to announce its annual Sikh Arts and Film Festival to be held November 18th – 20th, 2011 at the prestigious Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University in Orange, California. As avid supporters of Sikh Arts, and creativity in general, I am hoping our readers would be especially interested in this event coming up in the next couple of weeks.

The Sikh Arts and Film Festival serves as a central venue for artists to showcase and share Sikh heritage and culturethrough the mediums of film, literature, art, music, social media and fashion.  As an often-misidentified minority, this type of forum has proven to be essential for Sikhs to transcend cultural boundaries, generate awareness, and connect with the broader community.

This year at the festival, SikhLens has a variety of programmingranging from literary works, films, live artist performances and much more.  Special guests include the inspirational Sardar Fauja Singh ji, comedian Jus Reign, the versatile actors Guru Singh and Agam Darshi, rap artist Mandeep Sethi and many more.  The festival will be offering a great opportunity for attendees to interact, engage, and dialogue with the featured artists.  It is a very special treat to see the guest of honor being Sardar Fauja Singh Ji, an amazing inspiration to all generations of Sikhs, and many non-Sikhs alike. You do not want to miss the opportunity to meet and interact with them! SikhLens is also proud to announce that the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed film Breakaway (also known as Speedy Singhs) will premiere for the first time ever in the United States! The film takes place in Toronto, Canada and is a combination of Hollywood-meets-Bollywood actors.

For tickets, scheduling and more information, visit

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8 Responses to “Attention Sikh Art and Film Enthusiasts!!”

  1. T. M Singh says:

    I hope it comes to Portland OR soon …!

  2. Mohr says:

    I do support art/culture events but lets not be mistaken – if we want to create a legitimate foundation of this we need to raise the bar. Theses Sikh film festivals are not going to be respected in the wider film-making community if the festival focuses more on random “celebrities” than on the standard of the films. The films aren’t even screened – if you have a camera and know how to turn it on, your film will be shown. After having attending this event for the past several years and as a film student – this is my personal observation.

  3. Jugraj Singh says:

    Breakaway – 'Critically acclaimed' – hahaha….name one film critic who has 'acclaimed' this nonsensical film. When will these groups of rich sikhs stop promoting any movie just because it has pug wearing characters in it. Ajaib Kaur – We expect something better from your keyboard. Maybe you haven't seen the movie yet!
    Fauja Singh – All thumbs up.

  4. meatball says:

    I attended the SikhLens film festival.

    Watching Sach Productions' "A Little Revolution" and meeting Fauja Singh ji were the highlights for me. I am grateful to SikhLens for bringing both to California.

    However, I was shocked to see a coupon for free brow threading along with a full page advertisement for Ziba Beauty included in the gift bag. Ziba Beauty's owner Sumita Batra was quoted in a recent LA Times article as telling Sikh women “Let’s put religion aside and be real. Who … is attracted to a hairy-legged, mustached woman?”. This move to not only promote a company founded on committing kurats but also provide free coupons for Sikhs to do so is especially confusing given that every year SikhLens shows at least one film focused on celebrating Sikhi saroop.

    I chalked it up to a mistake. I have yet to hear any response from the organizers but I did learn that a few volunteers had objected to including those items but were ignored.

    I hope others will also write to the SikhLens film festival at Please ask them to acknowledge making the wrong decision and to ensure this does not happen ever again.

  5. meatball says:

    Response came in from SikhLens:

    Fateh ****** Singh ji,

    We appreciate your kind words towards the festival.

    Our team strives to uphold our mandate of "celebrating culture and heritage" through all mediums, including the gift bags and program guides. This year, an oversight was made with the gift bags, and we will make a conscious effort to ensure that that does not happen in the future. Both Sikhlens and our Sponsor are aware of the mandate of the festival and are sensitive towards those goals.

    Once again, we appreciate your thoughts and continued attendance.

    Guru Rakha,

    Sikhlens Sevadars

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