Ranjeet Singh – CORRECTION and Other Updates


It has now been confirmed by Navkiran Singh, well-known human rights advocate and a lawyer for Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana, that Ranjeet Singh is in critical condition, but is alive.  Our apologies for the incorrect information, but one can understand that with information from Punjab being limited, details are being lost.

Yesterday I wrote about Jaspal Singh, whose loss became well-circulated, due to social media and the outstanding work of Sangat TV and the Sikh Channel.

ranjeetsingh.JPGA very young Ranjeet Singh Mandher, only 16 years old, son of Jaswinder Singh, from village Pandher (Mukerian road) was shot by police.  With the heavy police fire, no one came to help him.  The veer had to take his own rickshaw to the hospital.  From there the hospital in Gurdaspur sent him to Amritsar, where he is in stable condition.  I am including the only picture I have received of the youth.  If others can provide more information about this young student, please do send it to us.

In other news, Bibi Kamaljeet Kaur was not allowed to meet the family of Jaspal Singh in Gurdaspur.  She was stopped on orders from the government.  Such is the government of Badal, where police offers open fire and underlings can only be suspended.  It only follows the logic of one that would promote a murderer as Sumedh Saini as DGP and give coveted MLA seats to the wife of a butcher like Izhar Alam.  The Punjab Government fears Bibi Kamaldeep Kaur and are trying to limit her movement.  At present, she is still giving interviews on Sangat TV and other media outlets.  Sangat TV has a livestream that can be seen here as does the Sikh Channel, which can be seen here.

A video by a Punjabi Hindu brother condemning the violence of the Shiv Sena is popularly circulating.  This brother, though he acknowledges that Rajoana’s struggle was not his, reminds us that this fight is against the Government in our quest for ensaaf (justice), not against any other community.

YouTube Preview Image

Despite the Shiv Sena’s attempt to communalize the struggle with their acts against symbols such as seen below, let us remember this is a national one and should not be subsumed under a mere ‘religious riot’.

YouTube Preview Image

Finally, while I believe that the message of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana is primarily aimed at Sikhs and to stir our consciousness – such is the wonder of the Shaheed – other media outlets are paying attention.  Some have attempted to bring this site to attention and other Sikh social media outlets, but I have also seen examples of fine writing.  I highlighted one yesterday, but want to give special kudos to the courageous writing of Ruchi Gupta in the Indian Media.  She actually provides context to Rajoana’s actions, as opposed to others, especially in the Canadian media, that have sought to divorce his actions from any political context.  Luckily one Canadian Sikh replied.

Finally, there have been rumors circulating on FB and other sites that Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana had been removed from Patiala.  Lawyer Navkiran Singh and others have confirmed that this is false and merely a rumor.

As Bibi Kamaldeep Kaur labeled her website….The Sangharsh (struggle) of Truth continues….

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10 Responses to “Ranjeet Singh – CORRECTION and Other Updates”

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  2. ajaypal singh gill says:

    what did this poor kid do to deserve such fate ??? how shameful of punjab police !!!!

  3. paul singh says:

    mera comment kithey hai ???

  4. bbsin says:

    shiv sena waale te janwaar ne , i agree with u dear, what about people who shouted for khalistan all over punjab who are they? be reasonable, shiv sena is wrong in doing whatever they are doing, how is shouting of khalistan and people who shouted with names of other community on the first day of punjab bandh justified?

  5. G Singh says:

    Gurdaspur is backwater of Punjab – Shiv Sena is front for RSS there but why would Akali divulge BJP connection and their storm troopers as they all are in bed – Akali MLA won with 30K margin. Congress has two MPs from here Ashwani Kumar and Partap Bajwa both are complacent in this mayhem they didnt do anything for this district. The district is one of the most backward in Punjab – except for Drug barrons, drug addicts and majority of Politicos are in liquor and its related business. Every one has forgotten that the movement started from this district and its like a tinderbox and death of Jaspal Singh is a chirag that could wake up the population. The ruling elite Sukhbir, Majithia, Raja , local MLAs and MPS have no skin in the game they are around only to make money of the public funds. This is deja vu for me to see my home district slipping again!

  6. Blighty Singh says:

    It seems this is the right place to post updates about the situation with Ranjeet Singh. Sangat TV had another live broadcast from his home a couple of days ago, with a jatha of UK Sikhs to give him and his family the money they need. Ranjeet Singh himself, quite clearly should not have been discharged from hospital. In any other country, he would still be in the ICU unit where his health can be monitored, He's in a pretty bad way. You will all be pleased to know that the entire household of Ranjeet Singh took amrit on the day of Jaspal Singh's funeral and are now all Amritdhari. The TV cameras then went to the home of Shaheed Jaspal Singh for an update from his family. Shaheed Jaspal Singh's father and grandfather revealed that they visit Ranjeet Singh every day to make sure he and his family are OK. Shaheed Jaspal Singh's father then revealed something very important. He said he genuinely fears for Ranjeet Singh's life. He stated that sinister figures from both the govt and police keep visiting Ranjeet Singh's home putting pressure and offering bribes for him to change his story , i.e say it wasn't the police that fired any guns. It is quite clear that the powers to be in Punjab would like to see Ranjeet Singh dead. Alive, he is a liability to them.

  7. Mara Webb says:

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  9. Vania says:

    Whats rough now is how the systematic approach to life is not fixed. You know what I mean? It is nearly as if we crawl through the life experience with blinders on, not appreciating the true meaning of our own lives.

  10. Sue Flowers says:

    Hope he gets better soon.