Fallen Singh – Jaspal Singh, Update, and Shiv Sena

jaspalsingh.jpgDetails are murky, so to do a full analysis at this point is difficult.  Right now, we stand to document the events.  According to numerous reports, Shiv Sena from mainly Gujarat and Maharastra are entering Punjab.  Gurdaspur has been a long-time stronghold of the Shiv Sena as well.  Those that are arriving seem to be arguing that if Sikhs could shut down the state yesterday that they would be able to do it today.  Read here from our live-blogger from Amritsar that shares much of the same information.

At Gurdaspur this morning, Jaspal Singh, a young 18 year old Sikh boy from Chor Sidhvan village, was killed by police firing.  Below the tab you can find an eye-witness video of how the Sumedh Saini’s rogue police has differential treatment towards the Sikh youth and the out-of-state-arriving Shiv Sena.  Remember it was Sukhbir Badal, the so-called heir apparent, that personally chose this known human rights abuser to be the Director General of Police.  Murders are lauded in Punjab.  It was this same Badal that ran for election the wife of the one of the worst butchers of Punjab – Farzana Alam.  Farzana’s husband, Izhar Alam, ran his own crack team, called the “Alam Sena” that would give criminals unlimited powers to run wild.  His own atrocities are stunning.  Eye witness accounts describe his atrocities on women and his summary executions.  These are our new “leaders” of Punjab installed by Badal

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Here is an interview of his family, courtesy Sangat TV.  Big shout-out to Sangat TV and the Sikh Channel for their tireless work.

Here is a channel with live-videos being uploaded on to youtube.  We hope for the safety of all.


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12 Responses to “Fallen Singh – Jaspal Singh, Update, and Shiv Sena”

  1. Bhupinder Kaur says:

    This is pure injustice! Praying for his family. Rest in peace Shaheed Jaspal Singh.

  2. JSJ says:

    Soooooooooo sad!

    Proud of the Grandfather.

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fathe.

    Will pray for the family. I hope ever Sikh family sees this and Remember

  3. Blighty Singh says:

    Watching the images on tv yesterday my little son actually cried. Sobbing, he resolved that he would grow up to be big and strong and….teach these Indians a lesson they would never forget. If the wish of the Indians was to unite the Sikhs and create 20 million enemies of India than their wishes have been fulfilled. For the deaths of these 2 brave young shaheeds perhaps we can all join together and personally thank the man that organised the killings : http://www.facebook.com/people/Harvinder-Soni/100

    As for the rolling live coverage from the Sikh Channel and Sangat TV, they've both been doing a splendid job. But, carrying on from what they did during the London riots last year, Sangat TV have again proven to be masters at this sort of thing. And lets not forget, since getting their legendary status last year, their viewers are no longer simply Sikhs. As a free to air TV channel, their viwership includes various races and creeds. The other day, after Sikhs were attacked in the Shiv Sena neighbourhood of Patiala. The Sangat TV presenter and cameraman ignored police road blocks, crossed police lines, and went bravely deep into the heart of the Shiv Sena locality, live on tv. There, they were met with the anger of thousands of crazy screaming Hindus who blocked their way. And remember, they had no police protection or anything. Just a couple of UK based amritdhari Sikhs with long beards and turbans. The Hindus refused to answer any questions so the Sangat TV presenter then decided to go to the Rajindra Hospital to interview the injured Sikhs that were attacked by the Hindus. As soon as Sangat TV left the hospital…..Punjab police actually visited the hospital and arrested some of the injured sikhs. I really do then get the sense that this war…in which the government, state govt, police, official media, judiciary, and army..are all on the side of the right wing hindu…will be won by us with clever use of the media. As I'm writing this, I'm noticing on TV that Margaret Beckett has made a public announcement criticising the Indians. (for those who don't know who she is…..She is a very highly respected veteran of foreign affairs. Once holding the position of Foreign Secretary, as well as numerous other Cabinet positions, she has the ear of influential people in Washington as well as Brussels)
    This thing has moved ahead of Rajoana now. We need to let people know about the 2 youngsters, gunned down in their prime….and we need to let everyone know about the role of Shiv Sena. Lets show the world who the real 'extremists' are. This battle will be won via the media. As a highly educated, media savvy ,worldwide, united Sikh diaspora…we have the tools to win that war.

  4. jodha says:

    @Blighty – Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Sangat TV and the Sikh Channel have been HUGE.

    He is right about Harvinder Soni's role as president of the Gurdaspur Shiv Sena

    Tense had gripped the town on Thursday after the Shiv Sena gave a call for a bandh in Gurdaspur in protest against the registration of a case in the local police station against Gurdaspur Shiv Sena president Harvinder Soni and seven others for allegedly beating up three persons during the bandh on Wednesday called by Sikh radical groups to protest against the death sentence of Balwant Singh Rajoana in the Beant Singh assassination case. As the Sena activists were assembling at Hanuman Chowk, a group of Sikhs assembled at the Gurdwara Ramgarhia on Tibri road.

  5. […] I wrote about Jaspal Singh, whose loss became well-circulated, due to social media and the outstanding work of Sangat TV and […]

  6. Blighty Singh says:

    The team from the Sikh Channel UK have all been taken into custody. Even Saddam Hussain didn't stoop this low. India will do anything to stop The last thing the Sikh Channel did before being arrested was film and interview every eyewitness to the events at Gurdaspur :
    Young Sikhs, many of them on their way to and from school, were being pulled from buses, cars and bikes by large gangs of Hindus. Their paghs were were being ripped from theiir heads. The humiliated Sikhs called their native villages for help. By the time help arrived, the Hindus, with the help of the police, were actively looking for and targetting Amritdharis. They managed to find a group. In collusion with the Hindus, the police lured them into a trap. With a false sense of security the police told them to sit where they were for an hour and they would be safe. The Sikhs obliged and started reciting bani. Whilst the sikhs were reciting bani, the Hindus and the police got together and put their plan in action. They came back to the group of Sikhs and without a word of warning started to shoot to kill, deliberately targetting any Sikh that was amritdhari, and bear in mind that there were 25 Sikhs surrounded by several hundred shiv sena hindus.
    I feel ashamed. I feel ashamed that there are still some sikhs in this world that think we don't need to be free.

  7. Sher says:

    Blighty Singh seems to have only one agenda – spread hatred to cause enmity between Sikhs and Hindus. He has been writing very provocative posts so this Das would request others to be vary of such agent provocateurs. There are number of 'Sikh Channels' in Punjab too but none has made any such reports and we shall not forget Akalis rule in Punjab and Punjab Police is overwhelmingly Sikh. Why Akalis or a Sikh force would help Hindu communalists, I do not understand.

    By naming Gurdaspur Shiv Sena chief here as the person responsible for Jaspal Singh's unfortunate death, you have put his life in danger too. if something goes wrong tomorrow, this blog site should be held responsible.

  8. simrat says:

    shiv sena is communal and the root of these killings along with punjab police. i pray to The Almighty for
    Shahhed jaspal Singh and his family. WE demand JUSTICE from GOD

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