Update on search for killer(s) of Surinder Singh and Gurmej Atwal

(photo: Shergill Law Firm)

(photo: Shergill Law Firm)

You may recall the murders of Elk Grove, California residents Surinder Singh and Gurmej Atwal, two senior citizens and turban-wearing Sikhs who, while on their daily walk,were shot down in a drive-by last year. Despitelast October’sDay of Actionby the community to spread awareness of the murder andto help get some new leads, to date the killer(s) have not been identified and no motive has been established. However,the murders of these Sikh grandfathersare suspected to be a hate crime.

The Elk Grove, California Police Department provided an updateyesterday in their search for the killer(s) of Sikh seniors Surinder Singh and Gurmej Atwal, who were shot and killed last year while on their daily walk. Based on witness accounts, the police have now have a confirmed description of the suspect’s vehicle:

At a press conference this afternoon, police officials said the suspect drove a lifted full-size pick-up truck, tan or gold in color, with a standard-size cab, similar to the one pictured at left. They do not have details on the make or model year of the truck.

Initially, police had been searching for a pick up truck, but have now been able toprovide a little more detail about the vehicle. The investigation is still ongoing and the police are seeking more information, with a reward offered of $57,000. The Elk Grove Police Department can be reached at (916) 714-5115. If you live in northern California, spread the word about the suspect’s vehicle. Someone out there knows something that will help solve this crime.

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3 Responses to “Update on search for killer(s) of Surinder Singh and Gurmej Atwal”

  1. Blighty Singh says:

    Thanks for that 'american turban'. I went out in the snow and looked for the truck on the corner of Beaconsfield Road and South Road but I didn't see it. I've informed my relatives in Hounslow to also get out in the cold and look for it in and around the Cromwell Rd and Staines Rd area. No doubt they will inform their relatives to keep a look out for the truck around the Forest gate High Street vicinity of East london. As soon as I got back in from the freezing outdoors I made a point of phoning my cousin in the midlands and asking him to get his friends together and keep a look out for the truck around the Soho rd area of Birmingham. I can't be certain he'll do it but he also promised me he'll get his friends in Wolverhampton to do the same. While I had a couple of minutes to spare I also telephoned my relatives in Punjab to tell them to forget about sleeping and get out in the darkness and look out for the truck somehwere around the Goraya to Phillaur stretch of the GT Road.
    But then again……all of this hardship could have been avoided if you realised that only 0.0001% of the sikhs that read this live in the elm grove area of california and so have another 0.0001% chance of spotting the truck. Just tell me what to do fella. i'm one of the 99.9999% reading this that don't live within a thousand miles of where that truck possible might be. Why then….are you showing me a picture of it ? What the hell am I supposed to do with that police drawing ?

  2. Tejinder says:

    @Blightly Singh : All the time you spent writing the above, just add it to you facebook, pretty sure you know at the least one other person in the USA who will click LIKE and share it with their friends etc. Its just about getting the word out, that is all.

  3. Citizen Singh says:

    Any chance you can reopen the previous thread? I don't log on to the site much these days, but it would be nice to get my opinion across.

    "The tent of Sikhi is big enough for all. That is the Guru’s Grace. The space of the The Langar Hall is big enough for both views at all. (sic) Let us continue to learn!"

    Or is that not actually true and you only allow individuals to express their opinions when they agree with your own prejudices?