DAY OF ACTION – In Sacramento THIS Sunday


The tragic murder of two of our grandfathers – S. Gurmej Singh Atwal and S. Surinder Singh – in Elk Grove earlier this year, shocked both the Sikh and local communities. The murderers still roam free.

This Sunday, if you are in the Sacramento area, or if you can reach there, please come and stand with your community on this ‘Day of Action.’ We are calling for justice, not vengeance. We are here to remind the world that we have not forgotten these two men and that we want the perpetrators apprehended.

The schedule reads as follows:


Day of Action

Help Find The Criminals That Murdered Surinder Singh and Gurmej Singh Atwal

Join us in Elk Grove as we blanket the city, contacting local businesses and posting reward bulletins.

Tentative Schedule:

9:45am — Gather at the EG Park & Ride near the site of the murders

10:30am — Volunteers go to assigned areas to request that local businesses put up a flyer re EG Shooting Deaths

12:30pm — Return to Park&Ride for debriefing and Ardaas

12:45pm — Langar

Intersection of East Stockton Boulevard at Geneva Point DriveElk Grove, CA 95624

You can find more information on the Facebook event page. Stand with your community. Stand together. Stand on this ‘day of action.’

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3 Responses to “DAY OF ACTION – In Sacramento THIS Sunday”

  1. balmeet says:

    Any updates from this?

  2. […] on their daily walk,were shot down in a drive-by last year. Despitelast October’sDay of Actionby the community to spread awareness of the murder andto help get some new leads, to date the […]

  3. essay writer says:

    Sikhs are most interesting people in world due to their funny talk and own tradition which make them beautiful. It is the big event for those who are inspire from the tradition of Sikhs and want to know something new. This will make Sunday a red letter day :)

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