Prayers for Libya

The massive pro-democracy uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East have gained tremendous momentum since the successful ouster of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak two weeks ago.  My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Libya this week, as their calls for the end of Moammar Gaddafi’s 42-year reign have been met with brutal repression.  Gaddafi’s forces (including mercenary soldiers) have killed an estimated 640 to 1,000 protesters so far in just one week.  The world is watching as the people of Libya sacrifice their lives for freedom and self-determination.  May Waheguru bless them in their righteous struggle against tyranny.

Check out the below report from ABC News, but note that the message at the end about US-Libya relations is highly misleading.  Though the US government has a complicated history with Gaddafi, he has been a strategic ally of the US in the region for over a decade.  Until Obama’s statement on Libya just yesterday (after almost a week of brutal repression), the US has turned a blind eye to any human rights concerns in Libya.  While his statement strongly condemned Gaddafi’s use of violence against the protesters, Obama stopped short of calling on Gaddafi to step down.

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12 Responses to “Prayers for Libya”

  1. Harinder says:

    What will they do with there freedom ?
    Nothing will change .
    A new dictator will take his place and the story will repeat it self again after 30 years
    These are nations of


  2. Harinder says:

    One must not underestimate the power of religion to shape a nation

    Let us take eg of a next door neighbour Paksitan ( a Islamic country )

    Pakistan : Dictators’ Heaven

    1)Ayub Khan
    2)Yahya Khan
    3)Ziaul Haq

    all have similar traits. They come with thudding sounds and promise stars and moon, and then they experiment with the system, and at the end when chaos starts getting out of hand and considerable damage done to the country, they submit themselves wholly to the external powers for their survival.

  3. BIk says:

    Wow, I'm surprised that the liberal nut Brooklynwala actually criticises Obama. Seems like all the fools shouting about change over two years ago are very disappointed.

    As for Libya, as with all Arab and Muslim states it will end in tears. Islam and democracy do not go together, rather than a mad secular dictator like Gaddafi they will end up in an Islamic sharia hell hole like Saudi Arabia or Taliban ruled Afghanistan.

  4. Harinder says:

    Few things are odd in your remarks

    1) If one sit in the comfort and security of empire and earns a living of it. It would make one would a a namak halal of empire .
    2) As for revolutions there is nothing interesing about it .Lot of innocent are loosing lives with no clear goals of after revolution.
    3) As for the revolution if it suceeds it will only mean they will have ownership of oil well but the technology to take it out and process will be still be with the empire. It may at he best improve there bargaining position to get more % age of oil profits.


  5. Harinder says:

    Oil and War facts :–

    1) Iraq :
    Oil Reserve :–350 billion barrels
    War deaths :– Iran -Iraq war ( 3 lakh) ,Gulf war -1 (35,000) Gulf war -11 (2 lakh)

    2) Sudan :–
    Oil Reserve :–6.6 billion barrels
    War deaths :– Sudan war -1 (5 lakh ) . Sudan war – 11 ( 20 lakh)

    3) Iran :
    Oil Reserve :–150 billion barrels
    War deaths :– Iran -Iraq war (10 lakh)

    4) Libya :
    Oil Reserve :–45 billion barrels

    Fifth American-Libyan War in offing

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