People’s Party of Punjab

198207_155574971169597_155524257841335_330499_7913901_n.jpgAs we follow news onpro-democracy uprisings across the globe, Panjab has joined this conversation in it’s own way. On Sunday March 27th 2011, Manpreet Badal announced a brand new political party in preparation for February 2012 elections in Punjab. Thousands gathered atKhatkar Kalan village, the village of Shaheed Bhagat Singh,to hear the former Finance Minister of Punjab launch the agenda for The People’s Party of Punjab (PPP), promising a “better, progressive Punjab”. He asked supporters for their backing for the next 11 months as the party’s agenda reaches fruition. The party will be founded on the ideology of the martyrs.

Aspects of the PPP’s agenda include: police reform, stopping the domination by an individual or clan, an assembly to evaluate ministers’ performance, government expenditure to be cut down drastically, only one security officer provided and extensive security to be paid for individually, only necessary foreign trips for leaders, free electricity provision will not be provided to wealthy farmers, revenue will be hiked by checking tax evasion, a desire to restore Punjab’s primacy in agriculture, investments in new industries, an increase in investments that create jobs, promotion of religious tolerance, scholarships provided for excellence in sports, speciality hospitals in each district and zero tolerance for crime and corruption. [via gpunjab news]

In an interview, Manpreet Badal spoke about the need for leaders to be role models and for the government to be transparent and accountable. In addition, he stated that 50% of seats will be reserved for women and youth. For those Panjabis living in Panjab or in the diaspora, who are acutely aware of the issues impacting Punjab’s growth and prosperity, the idea of a new party that is committed to change is a promising thought. What do you think? Will this be the change we have been looking for in Punjab?

For more information, see PPP’sFacebook page. After the jump you can view videos of Manpreet Badal’s announcement.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

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9 Responses to “People’s Party of Punjab”

  1. Citizen Singh says:

    What begins as a utopian political idea inevitably ends in mass slaughter.

    Don't say it isn't true, because it is.

  2. Harinder says:

    He is aspiring to be a regional leader of Punjab .
    Mass slaughter is not possible in India by regional leaders.
    His goals are noble and modest at best.
    It will be worth while giving him reigns of Punjab for 5 years. and see how Punjab changes under his command for 5 years.

  3. kds says:

    Those who are familier with Indian politics very well know that emergence of these new parties hardly do anything good for people.Manpreet Badal is more like Raj thackerey who because of his diffrences with his uncle created new party.The New party's main aim was that votes of shiv sena will split and congress emerge as winner.This strategy worked very well in assembly election .similarly in Andhra pradesh a film star created a new party by telling people that he want change from congress rule but again the hidden agenda was to split the 2011 he amalgamated his new party with the same congress .How stupid people were who believed him.Manpreet Badal too is like that .His party will either eat votes of congress or SAD .If he was so concerned with Punjab then what he did for the .Why this emergence of sudden love for Punjab.punjab when he was in SAD

  4. It is an apt. post. Sundri left the readers with a sincere and a serious question. "Will this be the change we have been looking for in Punjab"?
    Manpreet is not a Messiah nor he is saying he is. He is set out to do something about what most of us have been saying all along but in the comfort of our drawing rooms/studies and what Bhagat Singh had said loud and clear as he paid the price in full many moons ago. Coming back to the point: Simply stated, what Manpreet seems to be echoing is that you are the change, together we are the change. As the post suggests in the outset, "As we follow news on pro-democracy uprisings across the globe, Panjab has joined this conversation in it’s own way". And that is a good start, a step in the right direction. But it is only a step on a long arduous journey frought with all kinds of challenges.

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  6. Ravinder Singh says:

    I think Punjabi's would be stupid not to support Manpreet. The existing parties, Congress and SAD / BJP work together to undermine the people of Punjab and Sikh's in general.

    If i was in Punjab i would support Manpreet without hesitation. He is the only hope in an ocean of sharks & opportunists…

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  8. Lissa says:

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