Seems to be a rather slow week for me and the fellow langa(w)riters.  Maybe we’re at #occupywallstreet, or preparing for Fauja Singh’s appearance at SikhLens this weekend in Los Angeles, or who knows what else we’re doing.  Still one thing we all made sure to do is vote for United Sikhs in the Chase Community Giving.  As of my posting, they are currently #2.  Can’t help but think that the competition has gotten considerably less over the last few years as the money has increased.  Other Sikh orgs (read: ENSAAF), where you at!!

Regardless, vote NOW.  You have to “like” Chase Community Giving.  Many of you probably already have done it from the Jakara Movement’s win back in 2009.  So now just go back and keep on voting.  Let’s help push United Sikhs to the win.  VOTE NOW!  The competition ends on November 22, 2011.  Let’s push United Sikhs to first place!

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6 Responses to “Help UNITED SIKHS Win!”

  1. brooklynwala says:

    Not to discourage people from supporting United Sikhs in this effort to raise much needed funds, but I have to say I've always been a little irked by the Chase Community Giving campaigns because of the role Chase has played in tanking our economy — being one of the worst banks at the forefront of subprime lending. That's just the tip of the iceberg, as their CEO takes home almost $20 million a year and they bring in billions in profits every year, even since the financial meltdown. (not to mention the $4.6 million they donated to the NYPD in the midst of their violent crackdown on occupy wall st protestors). Chase received $94.7 billion in the bailout, funded by us, the taxpayers. Here's more info about Chase:

    While I understand that United Sikhs (and Jakara a few years ago) has a real shot at getting much needed funds through this campaign, I just think it's worth looking at the context here. For Chase, this is a PR move. Even if you go ahead and "like" them on facebook, which is required to vote to support United Sikhs, and even if United Sikhs wins, let's keep things in perspective about the role this financial institution plays in our society. A few thousand dollars given to community organizations doesn't change much, though they'd like us to think it makes them some amazingly ethical and community-based financial institution.

  2. Jodha says:

    absolutely agreed @brooklynwala. By law they are required to give this money – they have made it a competition to promote their brand.

    be smart, understand their motives, help a Sikh org win, and move your money anyways.

  3. @sjsrana says:

    Folks, I'm in favor of all organizations however particularly those that resonates with a genuine cause, however must mention that any so-called SIKH organization that does not raise voice for justice for 1984 GENOCIDE can be doubted.

    Its simple the ideal organization should have mix of visionaries that promotes JUSTICE/TRUTH/PEACE/DETERMINATION/FREEDOM for all!

    Rest, take it what's it worth for!

  4. meatball says:

    Back in 2009, Sikhcess & Jakara both created amazing project ideas that inspired many (including myself) to vote… leading to their win. However, I have not heard what has been done with the money since winning the competition from either organization.

    Now that United Sikhs won, I would like to see how the money is used.

  5. Marie says:

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