Shield of Faith Movie

While Breakaway/SpeedySinghs seems to be the talk of the town, earlier this week, a friend (pagh salute: download!) pointed this new movie to me. It seems it is still in production and is a labor of love for Sikh-Australian, Rupinder Singh. On the internet there are few details about the movie.

Here is their description:

Visionary film by Rupinder Singh creating an original epic docu-feature based on some prominent events in Sikh history. The film takes the audiences to a thrilling journey where they learn about the difficult time on the Sikh community and about how they still came out victorious in spite of being tested by the time.

Labeled as a “docu-drama” the breath-taking views and professional camera pans seem like a quality production. Although I have some reservations with the period costumes, despite claims on the website for a “special emphasis” [note the contemporary Nihang weaponry and costume and contrast with the historical reconstruction – though it has been alleged to be Afghan – at the London exhibit], I will definitely go out and watch it. In fact, I just made a contribution!

Make a contribution, “like” their facebook page, check out their website, or just watch their trailer.

YouTube Preview Image

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23 Responses to “Shield of Faith Movie”

  1. Is there kantay says:

    Is there anyone from Brown who can explain this movie to me? Rutgers will do in a pinch. Also I sneezed today and said a blessing, does that have anything to do with my yearning for an imagined homeland? Can someone from a anthropology graduate program figure that out, k thnx bye.

  2. Is there kantay says:

    [Deleted by Admin]

  3. Is there kantay says:

    For the record the deleted was a joke regarding the Punjabi word for flatulence and the performance of authenticity, nothing more risque than that

  4. kantay says:

    wow, that's fairly close to censorship

  5. kantay says:

    have fun in a progressive self-satisfied echo chamber!

  6. kantay says:

    my voice has been silenced.

  7. Sonny says:

    what does "kantay" means ???

  8. Is there kantay says:

    It’s a hyper masculine signifier of an imagined homeland

  9. Is there kantay says:

    You need, its in there.

  10. Is there kantay says:

    Forgot the multiple question marks ???? ??? ??

  11. Meena says:

    @Kantay: stop acting like a [email protected]#k…you are not impressing anyone!

  12. Is there kantay says:

    I’m trying to suggest a point about a mode and of discource and the way it serves or might serve to exclude or even oppress, its not meant to make anyone upset. I don’t mean anything against anyone. Sikh masculinity is a topic that should create back and forth discussion instead of received wisdom right ons about the supposed fact of hyper masculine Sikh men, who have been often heavily defined as problems.

  13. kantay says:

    Thank you for the compliment, but even if I don't write an essay hopefully a broader point about questioning attitudes will be made.

    this article is somewhat appropriate: wonder if Tagore had a map of undivided Bengal?

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  15. aanrechtblad says:

    I was guessing if You Could write a little more on this subject? I'd be very grateful if You Could elaborate a little bit more.

  16. Sammy says:

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