Update on Nuvraj Singh Bassi

nuvraj.jpgSo for this post, I again turn towards Canada, but this time focusing on football (sorry Blighty – let me translate for you – “badibididongbong” or “makubadabuda”, lol).

Back in the day I wrote a post on this budding football player and since that time many thought he dropped off the map. Despite the lapse in time, this now 28 year old, Singh is still trying to fulfill his football dreams.

At 28, most players who have yet to make an impact would have gone on to the next phase of their life. Bassi says he cannot yet because his football career, in a sense, has yet to start.[link]

Now on the practice team of the B.C. Lions, Bassi is still striving for his opportunity. Despite a career that has been so-far plagued by injury, this Singh remains in chardikala (eternal optimism!)

“That’s why I never gave up,” he said after his first formal workout with the Lions after six seasons Monday. “This is a new time in my life and I have an amazing opportunity.”[link]

Whatever the outcome the Sikh community will still continue to root for him.

Our post a few years ago, was one such place of encouragement. Bassi, who seems a humble young man, acknowledges the community’s support.

“The support I get is really humbling,” said Bassi. “I really want to do this for my community and all of B.C.”[link]

Hopefully more Canadian football fans can keep us in the loop on whatever happens in his career. Whetheron the gridiron or off, this blogger will be rooting the Singh!

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4 Responses to “Update on Nuvraj Singh Bassi”

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