Does this look like 6,000 people?

hydepark3.jpgYou can repeat your lies….This one comes from the Times of India:

The organisers claimed a figure of 25,000, but the Scotland Yard put the number at 6,000. The ‘Remembrance March’ began at Hyde Park and concluded at Trafalgar Square.[link]

But the truth will get out and you will look all the more stupid for it.  Does this look like 6,000?  Seems much closer to the 25-35K that was claimed.  Sikhs have not forgotten.  Until there is justice, Sikhs will never forget.

We will strive for justice for the innocent, such as Professor Bhullar (Watch this powerful video from the WSO’s Annual Parliamentary Dinner; on Professor Bhullar cue to 23:40); we will strive for justice against the guilty.

We live in Bakersfield; we live in Brampton; we live in Birmingham.  We still yearn for Bathinda.  Our brothers and sisters in London showed it this weekend.  Let our brothers and sisters in Punjab know that we are still connected; we will still raise our voices; we still remember.

In Toronto, Lions will roar.  A Nation Never Forgets.

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23 Responses to “Does this look like 6,000 people?”

  1. adm says:

    Definitely a lot more than 6,000 people!

  2. Jasbeer Singh says:

    They doesn't know how to count..that;s why 27 years have been passed…….

  3. THE SWORD says:

    This is the Indian Governments way to say only a handful of Sikhs are making a song and dance, when thousands and thousands are! Why are the millions of Sikhs in Panjab not doing the same?! are we in the west alone in the call for Khalistan???!


  4. renu chand singh says:

    its a sad shame that although all the facts are in the open for all to see the truth for what it is some parties are still convincing themselves that they can brainwash all into believing the hogwash they claim to be the facts! its obvious from this picture that the march was attended by a greater number than a mere who are they trying to fool?? ..waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

  5. givemefact says:

    Acknoledge it, apologize, provide justice, don't do it again, CORRECT IT. Thats it!!!
    No need for these adolescent games "6000" WHY???? say you don't know Times of India -actually it doesnt even matter how many more or less people came out it doesn't make 84 more or less bad it was a terrible time for a lot of Sikhs -a lot of "Indians" 20 million of them___better yet join for humanity sake!!!

  6. JSA says:

    I was discussing this phenomenon with a friend that is a frequent commenter on this website. He concluded that in India, there are always disgruntled or disadvantaged groups that elite groups can turn against (usually minority) groups such as Muslims, Christians, and at one point, Sikhs with nationalist, chauvinist, etc ideologies as a safety valve to divert their frustration with their socioeconomic standing away from the state (he also pointed out that this has permeated politics in Punjab).

    In India, looks like this strategy results in a lot of conspiracy, attribution of dissatisfaction to foreign elements (see the article's discussion of the ISI links), and occasional outbursts of violence. Look at the way India's independence movements progressed: they attempted to superimpose some sort of cultural and political unity on a space that is anything but diverse. This short term strategy of "strategic essentialism" and identity construction made for a good heart-warming story during the campaign for independence, but might have had effects on India's ability to tolerate meaningful diversity in my opinion.

    Normally, you'd expect a free press to be able to challenge such outlandish speculation. In India, though, my friend noted, you have a politicized, but not a critical press (maybe partially a legacy of restrictions on the press that spoke up during times of crisis?). For the most part, the government's kool-aid will be consumed without meaningful dissent in the press. It's up to SOMEONE, whether they're in India or the diaspora, to create some sort of widely circulated publication or news report that is capable of objectively reporting such events, challenging assertions that aren't true, and giving those in Punjab the ability to make conclusions based on facts that mirror reality.

  7. N Kaur says:

    in some distant future there will be no borders – until we get there Khalistan is a must – just like in an ideal world there would be no restaurants – free food, fruit trees lining all the streets etc.(langar + ruhani food for soul – Gurbani) until we get there vegetarian restaurants are ok – so yes someday there will be no borders, but for now, while borders exist, we must have our Khalistan – with the correct borders – a sthan no one ever dare even think of messing with – it's the only solution -one that would finally bring some justice to our cause – whether this occurs in my lifetime or not, i don't care, but i know beyond the shadow of any possible doubt that Khalistan will become a reality sooner or later – a reality that will benefit all of humanity and indeed all of Nature: Khalistan Zindabad!!!

    – anyone not in favour of Khalistan is a traitor and/or coward and has no right whatsoever to call themselves a Sikh.

  8. Mohinder Singh says:

    On the night of 4th june at 2200 hrs,a car belonging to Raghunandan Lal Bhatia picked up Amrik Singh & H S Sandhu and took them to R L Bhatia's house.The negotiations went on till330am in the morning,after that they were dropped at the front of the golden temple.They were given time untill1700 hrs to placate JSB,later this time was extended to 1900 hrs.It is on the record and minutes of this can be found in homeministry archives,however when no answers were forthcoming and last attempts failed only then OP BLUESTAR commenced at 2230hrs and the rest is history.BTW RLBhatia was a very good aquaintence of JSB and HSSandhu,old election posters can still be found in amritsar declaring RLBhatia has support of JSBHINderanwala,and RLBhatia was old congressman and minister of state for indira gandhi.check ur facts and ur history before blaming the messanger.

  9. Jodha says:

    @ Mohinder – yes the internet breeds anonymity and it can be a great thing sometimes as a release for opinions, but there is an issue where people such as yourself are claiming some sort of authority and legitimacy when they have none nor deserve any. If you have such records as you claim, upload them online for all to see. Otherwise, stop your dishonesty.

  10. Mohinder Singh says:

    @Jodha president's rule is completely legal under article356 of the indian constitution,as well as as the fact that govt. in new delhi was duly elected & legal.The deal that was being negotiated was that JSB & his supporters would give up/not surrender,he was to be taken to the temp army hqs.There was to be no arrest of him,however the pending cases against his followers would proceed.Since there were cases pending cases against Amrik Singh & HS Sandhu there vested interests were one obstacle,with all due respect to the hurt feelings later one thing everyone forgets is there was no criminal case pending against JSB.There were two cases 1 against JSB &1 against Longowal for inticement/communal and they were guarenteed to be withdrawn.Whether I have any legitimacy or not I am not worried about it,but think like I have said before any body can fight for any reason it takes a statesman/woman to negotiate & achieve peace.After 27 yrs all parties involved got what they wanted,but as some of the blogs suggest there is no peace,may Sikhs should start looking for the players who resisted these efforts instead of waalowing in anger & self pity.

  11. Mohinder Singh says:

    @Jodha the emotional outbursts do not change the facts.Ur friend in canada is right all the papers regarding talks etc leading upto OPBS r sealed under Official secrets act,they will not be released untill the Govt of the day decides it is appropriate in future.As for chandigarh it was never part of trifurcated punjab,it was part of punjab before 1966 and u have akalis to thank for losing it.Sutlej waters were part of punjab before 1966,after that sutlej does not originate or end in punjab,it just passes thru it.Waters given to haryana are the residual waters after creating/carving the states of haryana & himachal pardesh.Again u will have to thank the akalis.Before doing any damage in punjab during monsoon,it wrecks havock in HP so they have the first claim as per distorted riparian rights,espoused by certain sections of sikhs.As for younger generation they are fed bunch of myths & lies,it takes coldheartedness to make public policy rather than inticing a section of public with religious emotional outbursts.I donot know when did Sikh public became so attached to violence,intolerance or gullible.This ends the discussion.

  12. Jags says:

    I don't think you guys have been to enough demonstrations. At most that is 10,000 people. Certainly not 25,000. I would agree with the police if they said 6,000 people as I was at an anti-racism rally last November in London and that was of a similar size on the photographs and was said to be 5,000 people.

    I was also present at the anti-cuts demo in London.

  13. Blighty Singh says:

    ^ The next demonstration you attend Jags should, I suggest, be the ones calling for greater 'numeracy' and 'literacy' skills in the UK. If you possessed these skills you would have seen that the Police said it was 25,000……..but India magically got rid of 20,000 from the police estimate and gave Indians a figure of 6000 people. You also might wanna read some books on photography, followed by books on real life. It has been said,…..although I don't know whether its true or not……that when you look at things on a photograph there are actually objects in existence to the north, west, east and south of the photograph that didn't make it onto the photograph. Indeed if you could fit everything onto one photograph it ceases being a photograph and becomes an aerial shot from a satellite in space.
    You may well want to consider subscribing to the 'Times of India' . They specialise in catering for people like you.