Sikhs in basketball- Singh Sensations

I recently heard about an interesting initiative happening in Southern California- a basketball camp for kids, put on by an singh_sensations.JPGall Sikh basketball team- the Singh Sensations.[Hat tip: Simrat]

On Saturday March 13, over 100 kids from Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego gathered to participate in the first ever semi-annual Sikh basketball camp. The camp was held at Khalsa Care Foundation and next door at Pacoima Middle School. Registration began at 9 AM at Khalsa Care Foundation, and by 10 AM, over 100 participants ages 8-18 were stretching and preparing to run basketball drills in the Pacoima Middle School gym.

The camp offered athletic training- the kids ran drills- dribbling, passing, doing layups.

The camp was also part social training- members of the Singh Sensations discussed sportsmanship, teamwork, and how kids should behave on a court.

And finally, the camp was part mentoring on growing up as a Sikh- the Singh Sensations talked about how sports can be used as a metaphor for living as a Sikh. They shared problems had experienced when playing sports in high school and how they had worked through those problems.

Sports are a great way of getting kids together and engaged, and then weaving in topics – like dealing with bullying in the locker room, when growing up Sikh- that might be uncomfortable to talk about otherwise. Sounds like a great initiative!

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6 Responses to “Sikhs in basketball- Singh Sensations”

  1. gurdeep singh says:

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  2. As Tony Alfonso says,"The game of basketball is a game of accepting failure; of accepting imperfection; of realizing that the perfect game has never been played,never will be played, or ever could be played."

    @Daniel Anderson.

  3. Sharonda says:

    I really enjoyed your amazing website. Be sure to keep it up. May god bless you !!!!