Sikhs and Web 2.0

Young Sikhs are extremely internet savvy. From the proliferation of videos on youtube to remixed dhadhi-jatha to an embrace of web 2.0, many young Sikhs are at the forefront of creating new avenues for education about their faith. While I personally believe that most Sikhs focus their attention on education for non-Sikhs, in my opinion, far more crucial is the intra-Sikh education.

Harinder.jpgWhile in an earlier discussion I talked about the importance of the KhalsaKids website, launched last year by the Sikh Coalition. It is an example of Sikhs experimenting with new media forms to better address the needs and concerns of their community.

In a similar vein, the Sikh Research Institute has recently announced its plans for a “webinar” series, titled “Liv.”

Explaining the impulse of this new project, SikhRI head, Harinder Singh, states:

“We are regularly in touch with Sikh communities in North America, Europe and Asia who want us to deliver programs in their local communities on a regular basis, but its been quite difficult due to logistical and financial constraints. Now that we are introducing webinar facilities, our programs can reach anyone around the globe and we look forward to being able to engage with the vast Sikh communities outside of our traditional target area in North America”[link]

The “Liv” project entails four 90 minute seminars to begin at 8am PST (California time) on 4 consecutive Saturdays, beginning September 13, 2008. The first four topics listed on their website includes: “Sikhi – A Gurmat Framework,” “Bani – The Idea,” “Tavarikh (History) – The Revolution,” and “Rahit – The Lifestyle.”

A pre-registration is required to participate in the “webinar” and can be completed here.

While waking up at 8am on Saturdays is beyond my abilities, the seminars being conducted by The Harinder Singh sound intriguing and informative. I hope some of our readers can that do participate can discuss some of their thoughts on the format and the content here.

Also what are new ways that you have seen Sikhs embracing Web 2.0? (yes I am already aware of that one blog, uhhh but I can’t think of the name.)

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