International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th each year and is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women.  We have previously posted about well known examples of  women in our history who have made huge contributions to Sikhi.  Perhaps on this day we can take the time to continue recognizing the numerous Sikh women who stood alongside Sikh men to help our qaum.  I recently read about twenty Sikh women in a document titled, “Noble and Brave Sikh Women” by Sawan Singh.  The author writes,

sadakaur.jpgBibi Rajinder Kaur and Bibi Sahib Kaur both belonged to the royal family of Patiala state. Their bravery in the battlefields and their skills in administration saved the state from being ruined. Mata Kishan Kaur and Bibi Balbir Kaur took part and suffered in the Akali movement for the control of Gurdwaras. Bibi Balbir Kaur even sacrificed her own life and that of her innocent child in this movement. Bibi Harnam Kaur has done wonders to spread female education among the Sikh women a hundred years ago. Mai Bhag Kaur has proved that Sikh women can lead and organize the Sikh men and win battles. Women martyrs of Shahid Gunj of Lahore like Bhghel Kaur cannot be found in the literature of many religions. Bibi Sharan Kaur and Bibi Shamsher Kaur have proved their skills in the battlefield and in administration. Bibi Anoop Kaur, Bibi Shushil Kaur, Bibi Harsharan Kaur, Bibi Basan Lata and Bibi Nirbhay Kaur have faced odds and sacrificed their lives to save their honor and faith.   

The document is a great starting point to begin learning about the immense history of Sikh women that often goes untold.  Are there any events in your community being planned for International Women’s Day?  How do we, in general, recognize the contributions of women in Sikh history?

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4 Responses to “International Women’s Day”

  1. kaursunited says:

    Awesome! During this weekend's divan we should all do a special ardas acknowledging these women.

  2. kaursunited says:

    Awesome! During this weekend’s divan we should all do a special ardas acknowledging these women.

  3. […] communities around the world celebrated International Women’s Day yesterday, there were several interesting articles discussing the role of women in the world. […]

  4. We as women hold up the world. WE hold up the sky. We must call on our spiritual power to stop these attroticities and organize politically to vote in blocks so our voices will be heard. No more southern bells who do what their told when and who dishonor the freedoms of their very workers by ignoring the violence that takes place in their very bedrooms. Now we are the future of our grandaughters and we are their hope.