Aaloo Revolution

Revolutions come in strange shapes. Sometimes ‘French,’ sometimes ‘Islamic,’ other times ‘American,’ and maybe even ‘Russian.’ Closer to us, they may even be ‘Sikh.’ However, they may even be in the form of a carbohydrate.aaloo_Sikh

During the 16th century, an expansionist Spain accidentally found itself in the ‘New(?) World.’ Armed with firearms, but mainly syphilis, the Conquistadors devastated a continent and saw the near annihilation of the native people. Along with the silver wealth brought back to Europe came the potato.

While the history of the potato is a famous story in its own right, the potentiality of the potato is becoming more impressive for a number of different policy makers. Recently the world stage is beginning to forecast a food crisis in the making. Those of us that keep an eye on Punjab and the rest of the world should begin paying more attention to the growing ‘food crisis.’ With an expanding world population and increasing consumption, some experts are predicting increasing global insecurity. An agrarian-sensitive Punjab would feel the repercussions of such insecurity manifold.

2008 has been marked by the United Nations as International Year of Potato to raise the profile of this globally-important food crop and commodity, and emphasize its biological and nutritional attributes. Potatoes, currently the world third biggest food staple, will continue to gain greater prominence. Some believe that innovations in potato production will be the new ‘revolution.’

Over the past few decades, the potato has become one of the fastest growing staple crops in Punjab. Punjab exports potatoes to western nations such as Canada, as well as Central Asian nations. However, the recent cold wave and frost in Punjab has severely depleted this year’s potato output by almost 30-35%, further confounding the present rice shortage.

In its attempt to promote the UN project, the BBC has taken pictures of potato production and consumption from throughout the world. A Sikh man finds himself in the ‘aaloo’ display as well.

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