2011 SGPC Election (Mis)Results

The results are in and much to no one’s surprise – Badal and his cronies won.

If you ran against the don, he sent his goons.

If your supporters were going to come out and vote, they captured the booth and made sure your supporters were turned away.

If they thought it was going to be close – they stuffed ballots and created “Sikhs” (man-pagh, pagh-man, voila! Sikh – or at least one that was eligible to vote).

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If they thought you even had a chance to win, they shot off a couple of rounds in the air and had the balloting canceled and postponed.

The worst part was this happened in full view of the media and in front of the world.  Are we that apathetic?

This is how the Panth’s resources are kept safe to line Badal and his cronies’ pockets.  Only the Government of India (GOI) can call for the elections and only the GOI’s police can make sure they are “secure” and “safe” (for Badal to win).  This is how we are kept enslaved.

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18 Responses to “2011 SGPC Election (Mis)Results”

  1. SinghIsKing says:

    so sad, something should be done.

  2. Mohinder Singh says:

    @Jodha again u r pointing fingers at wrong people if SAD(B) won these sgpc election thru corroption & help of GOI machinery,as u insist what does that say about the morality of ordanary sikhs.2nd evenafter posting this post by u there is only one comment,of only one line,this should tell u the intesity of diaspora sikhs' concern about their institutions in Punjab.It is about time that all peudo panthic dardis stop whining and really try to live in the 21st century rather than living on myths of 18th century.

  3. PunjabiGabroo says:

    This is disgusting

  4. PunjabiGabroo says:

    And everybody in Punjab knows this?? How can Sikhs in the West help?

  5. concerned says:


  6. Blighty Singh says:

    I'd imagine my pend is typical of all pends in Punjab. This is what happens in my pend on election day and the week running up to the election. The akalis arrive with free drugs (heroin / opium) and alcohol to anyone that promises to vote for them. At the other end of the village the congress arrive with even more drugs and even more alcohol….free, to anyone that promises to vote for them.
    On average, after every election, 3 or 4 men lay dead in my pend….from either drug overdoses or most commonly alcohol poisoning. Welcome my friends……Welcome to 'democracy'….punjabi stylee.

  7. kantay says:

    Maybe we can have an academic from Cornell, or hope of hopes, Princeton explain this all to us using the methodology of inquiry most current in vogue.

  8. Gill says:

    It is really funny to hear all this. Have you guys been ever to election booth? If not then come with me, I will show you how things work. Its not just akalis who do it, everyone who's in power has come influence in there area. Even If i agree with you guys, akalis won in punjab because they used power. Then what abt haryana, which has congree government in control. Stop blamming without reasoning and look into actual reasons.

  9. Gill says:

    @Jodha – I agree with you. There's no strong leader and things don't work without leader.

  10. Jeevan says:

    Unfree and unfair elections happens in 3rd world countries, and if anyone outside of India saw it on the news, they probably wouldn't be surprised. Honestly, they shouldn't be.

    This doesn't mean that we should sit idle. Is there an existing international Sikh organization with the proper courage to bring this to international concern? Currently US federal courts are considering revoking Kamal Nath's diplomatic immunity due to his invovlement in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. It certainly seems possible, then, for contemporary concerns of Punjab to be considered on the international front? That may be the only way the GOI will ever want to do anything. It may be time for Sikhs to look a bit further and really bring the fight to the forefront of the international community rather than the Punjabi/Sikh diasporic community.

  11. Blighty Singh says:

    "Sad but true. Any suggestions for a way out?"
    "When nearly 10% of us live outside of India, how can we have an influence?"
    ^ I'll tell you what we can do. We can lead by example. When they see us as non-drinking simple living people they will follow. Right now, all they're trying to do is emulate our excesses. More pertinently though, the Punjab state govt could, if it really had the will, change the whole psyche of the Punjabi people within 10 years….if it really wanted. It is possible. The Irish example is proof of that. When I was a child we used to have to step over drunk Irishman laying on the street, with alcoholism being so rife and inherent among them as a nation. About 15 years ago the Irish govt made a concerted efffort to finally change the 500 year deep rooted culture of drinking to excess. They changed the whole way of thinking of each and every Irish man and woman. Now, the Irish, as a nation, are the most sensible, moderate drinkers in Europe. Within the space of 10 years they've changed from being a hard drinking nation to a moderate drinking nation….and an uneducated nation to Europe's educated elite. If the Irish can stop drinking so can the Punjabis. If the Irish can change their national characteristics within a decade so can the Punjabis. Then…not only can they not be bribed with alcohol and narcotics but perhaps, with a sober mind, may even finally make some sensible voting choices. Its often been said that an electorate get the politicians they deserve. Right now, the idiot Punjabis are getting the idiot politicians they deserve.

  12. @sjsrana says:

    SOME SIKHS NEVER LEARN FROM HISTORY, despite telling them in advance "Those who cast vote don't elect but those who COUNT VOTE ELECT"

    SGPC ELECTION MAKEUP! http://members.beforeitsnews.com/story/384/944/Sg