Sikh Solidarity with Gaza

At least 21 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed and hundreds more injured in the last week by the Israeli “Defense” Forces. Three Israelis have also been killed in this latest escalation of violence in the region. The situation is dire, as Israel is now ramping up for a full on ground invasion of Gaza, an area of only 141 square miles inhabited by 1.7 million residents. One of the most densely populated areas in the world, it has also been called the largest open air prison in the world. (Read Ten things you need to know about Gaza for more).

Let us be clear: Israel is not defending its citizens. It is on an aggressive, offensive, politically-charged rampage. We must read beyond the deceiving mainstream media coverage to get the to reality of the situation (see this timeline of recent events). This isn’t about Hamas rockets or any dangers to the existence of the state of Israel. Phyllis Bennis wrote in the Nation:

So why the escalation? Israeli military and political leaders have long made clear that regular military attacks to cleanse Palestinian territories (the term was used by Israeli soldiers to describe their role in the 2008-09 Israeli assault on Gaza) is part of their long-term strategic plan. Earlier this year, on the third anniversary of the Gaza assault, Israeli army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz told Army Radio that Israel will need to attack Gaza again soon, to restore what he called its power of deterrence. He said the assault must be swift and painful, concluding, we will act when the conditions are right. Perhaps this was his chosen moment…

This is primarily about Netanyanu shoring up the right wing of his base. And once again it is Palestinians, this time Gazans, who will pay the price. The question that remains is whether the US-assured impunity that Israels leadership has so long counted on will continue, or whether there will be enough pressure on the Obama administration and Congress so that this time, the United States will finally be forced to allow the international community to hold Israel accountable for this latest round of violations of international law.

If you pay taxes in the United States, you are helping fund Israel’s invasion. Just a few months ago, President Obama announced the addition of $70 million in military aid to Israel. We Americans are literally funding the atrocities being committed against our brothers and sisters in Gaza right now.

It has been almost exactly three years since Israel’s last major attack of Gaza, leaving over 1400 Palestinians dead. At that time a few of us Sikhs in the US and Canada wrote up a Sikh Solidarity with Palestine statement to encourage awareness and action in our community. The statement is below in its entirety. Let us take action now, before the violence rages out of control. Here are three things we can do immediately, as suggested by the US Campaign to End the Occupation:

1. Join an emergency protest or organize one yourself. There are dozens of emergency actions planned across the country starting this afternoon, which you can view here.

2. Write and call President Obama demanding that he exert diplomatic pressure on Israel for an immediate cease-fire and initiate aninvestigation into Israels misuse of U.S. weapons to commit human rights abuses of Palestinians.

3. Make a tax-deductible donation to the US Campaign to support our Facebook and Google ad campaigns to build support for our political demands. Your donation will go immediately to supporting these ads.
Kal kaati raaje kaasaa-ee dharma pankh kar udriaa.
Koorh amaavas sach chandramaa deesai naahee kah charhiaa.

This age is a knife, kings are butchers; justice hath taken wings and fled.
In this completely dark night of falsehood the truth is never seen to rise.

– Guru Nanak Sahib, Sri Guru Granth Sahib, p. 145

After two weeks of relentless attacks and an ongoing siege, the results are sobering: over 880 people dead, 30% of whom are children, and more than 4000 injured; hospitals, schools, universities, local markets, streets, homes and communities crushed to rubble; a blockade on humanitarian relief including food and life-saving medical supplies; a ban on foreign journalists and media entering the area; and a sealed border rendering 1.5 million people imprisoned within the boundaries of a siege. Hundreds of thousands of lives are being destroyed as they are marked dispensable for one reason only: they are Palestinian. The death toll is rising, and Israel has hinted to no end in sight as it continues to expand its offensive by air, land, and sea. The above words of Guru Nanak Sahib, the first Guru and founder of the Sikh faith, ring painfully true today, 500 years after he wrote them.

According to Sikhi, all human lives are equal and should be cherished. Right now in Gaza, the lives of an entire people are being deemed worthless. We mourn the recent loss of over 880 Palestinian lives taken by the Israeli military. We also mourn the loss of the 9 Israeli lives taken by Hamas rockets.

We are Sikhs who stand against the brutality of Israeli occupation and the ongoing siege, blockade, and massacre of Gaza. Now more than ever, we call on our Sikh sisters and brothers to think about what our faith and our Sikh identity really means. Why did Guru Nanak Sahib seek to abolish the caste system in South Asia? Why did Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib sacrifice his life for the sake of others (non-Sikhs) right to freely practice their religion and live free of persecution? Why did Guru Gobind Singh, our tenth Guru, give birth to the Khalsa an armed body of full-time revolutionaries in 1699?

Because for Sikhs, fighting against all forms of tyranny and oppression is a spiritual obligation.

We are inspired by this Sikh tradition of fighting not only for our own rights and our own sovereignty as Sikhs, but for the freedom and rights of all people sarbat da bhala. Historically, Sikhs have known all too well what state repression and violent hatred look like. Sikhs too, like Palestinians, have faced campaigns of ethnic cleansing by emperors and prime ministers, dictators and elected leaders. Without a doubt, we have struggled and we must continue to struggle for our right to exist and our right to be Sikhs. But we must bring to the forefront our responsibility to fight for the liberation and freedom of all people. When we end ardas with, Nanak naam chardi kala, tere bane sarbat da bhala, we must pay attention to the power and weight of these words, take them to heart, and put the concept of sarbat da bhala into practice.

What that means for us now, as Sikhs and as people of conscience, is to stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza, the Palestinians around the world fighting for their right to return home, and the thousands of Jewish and Israeli activists calling for an immediate end to the siege and an end to Israeli apartheid. Together, we must all demand peace and justice.

We encourage all Sikhs to learn more about what is going on in Gaza and about the history of Israeli occupation of Palestine. We encourage you to organize discussions about this issue amongst your sangat in and outside of the gurdwara, in your Sikh Student Associations, and in your families. Below are a few articles and resources that provide perspectives usually left out of the mainstream media:

Most importantly, we encourage you to take action. Get together with others in your community, Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike, and attend a local demonstration against the siege of Gaza. Make a donation to send medical supplies and other humanitarian relief to Gaza (; For those in the United States, call on the Obama administration to make his promise of change a reality by stopping the spending of U.S. tax dollars on bombs that kill Palestinians. For those in Canada, call on Harper to condemn Israels crimes against humanity and demand an immediate stop to the siege. Pressure both governments to urgently support the global movement for boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israela strategy that helped to end apartheid in South Africa 15 years ago (

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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51 Responses to “Sikh Solidarity with Gaza”

  1. Sher says:

    While showing solidarity with victims of planned aggression or mindless violence is a noble thought, this post is strewn with hypocrisy, misinformation & thinly veiled bigotry.

    Such sanctimonious statements from the same people who support cowards like Rajoana who not only snuffed life out of 17 innocents (inc Sikhs) but has failed spectacularly to show ANY remorse.

    Such wonderful sermonising from the same people (radical, expat Sikhs & their indian counterparts) who, forget any words of remorse or 'solidarity', deny carnage let loose by Bhindran inspired terrorists who not only committed massacres of the non-combatants (majority victims being Sikhs) but also engineered ethnic cleansing and conversions.

    It is amazing radical 'denialsts' have glazed over the ethnic cleansing closer to sikhi homeland (Kashmiri, afghan and pakistani Hindus n Sikhs) but are posing as humane, bleeding hearts for 'others'.

    Guru teg Bahadur gave life for others… Highly debatable and (for me) highly objectionable as the blogger would have difficulty explaining who we're the 'others' and why this execution was not for political reasons. Not to forget two of 'others' (dispicable Brahmans) gave life before him.

    • Bik says:

      Rajoana assassinated a mass murderers whose assassination saved the lives of countless Sikh youth. Had the Allies had a chance to kill Hitler and thus prevent the deaths of many millions of soldiers and civilians, so you not think that they would have done this even though an attack could have killed a few hundred German civilians as well?

      The US nuked two Japanese cities because they knew that an attack on the Japanese home islands would have costs hundreds of thousands of Allied lives.

      Incidentally you are the hypocrite here, you ignore how many thousands of Sikh youth that Rajoana's actions saved and yet cry over 17 innocents. Perhaps the Sikh youth don't count as innocent in your book, so please do everyone a favour and take your Hindu fascist backside to a Hindu site where your views would be more welcome and do not infect this forum again.

      Btw is your username meant to be ironic? A Hindu calling himself Sher sure does provide some humour in these dark times!

      • Sher says:

        Bik, shall I say you are the typical supremacist moron who has no idea about even the modern history? Your failure to show any empathy with Rajoana victims and support for a CONVICTED mass murderer shows your true colours – a khalistani fanatic.

        Let me give you. A terror lover, few history facts. When Beant Singh and 17 innocents were killed by the khalistani terrorism's only suicide bomber (1995) there were NO killings going on in Punjab. Whether Beant Singh and KPS Gill's counter-terrorism tactics were justified or not, they definitely ended a reign of terror in Punjab.

        What brutes like you refuse to study or admit is the 1984-1993 period in Punjab when terrorists killed tens of thousands, raped 1000s of punjabi girls (mostly Sikhs as they had engineered ethnic cleansing of Hindus on terror-infested border districts), loot, etc.

        Beant Singh and KPS Gill, by convincingly defeating a movement led by gutless psychopaths, proved they had no mass support.

        So, if I we to use your perverse logic, Beant & KPS saved 1000s of innocent Punjabis' lives.

        So this excuse of killing a democratically-elected leader and 17 innocents is pathetic. Yes, I would continue to "cry" over 17 innocents as I do for Wisconsin and Gaza victims. Anyone who fail to show empathy for non-combatant, civilian victims other than his/her own faith and the one who condemns a mass murderer (wade Michael) while eulogising a number of other such cowards (Rajoana, Bhindran, Babu Bajrangi, Osama,etc) is not only a hypocrite but also a dishonest coward.

        As far as the death of a single innocent Sikh (youth or otherwise) is concerned, I have always 'cried' for him or her. Even in this thread, I have highlighted the fact that majority of terror victims in Punjab (inc Rajoana victims) were Sikhs.

        Your comment about my username … What can I say. You, son, have no idea about history of Punjab (forget other parts of the sub-continent) except the highly-exaggerated versions fed to you by Khali websites and semi-literate 'ideologues' inciting impressionable Sikhs in western gurdwaras. I would need to write a book for ignoramus like you but, for now, few facts would suffice to prick ur bubble:

        Muslims who had conquered more than half of the word within a century of Mohammad's demise (roughly 8th century) could win Delhi after approx 450 years of battles with Hindus.

        Punjab has been under the foreign rule for the longest of period with huge percentage converting to Islam.

        No ONE SINGLE Sikh (forget Jats) general or ruler has ever controlled or conquered the whole of Punjab. Many Hindus (inc Bahmans!!) did this and the last one was Raghu Nath Rao Maratha (again a Bahman) who won the area up to Afghanistn in 1758. I can go on but restrained by time n valuable space here.

        Your advice about not commenting on this site, again, reflects your contempt for the rights of the 'others'and an extension of the policies of Khalistan terrorists who killed around 100 civilians associated with media in Punjab inc 65 from just one newspaper – Punjab Kesari.

        Having said so, I once again express my admiration for the moderators of this site who have never stifled or edited my comments.

        • Sherdil says:


          IWould you mind telling how many of so-called "terrorists" were proved through a due process of law about the crimes that you accuse them of committing?

          • Sher says:

            What is "due process of law" in a state where law & order machinery has collapsed along with judiciary? Terrorists were running a parallel government as some weak-kneed governments in N Delhi lost control till PV Narsimha Rao put on the brakes. Btw, why would you ask this question? Are you being DenialDil?

          • Sherdil says:


            So, et me get this straight, there is not even a single person you could find who was proven with the crimes you accuse?

            Are you saying you are just gonna accuse someone without having the evidence to prove?

            Also, can you find me any article in the Indian constitution that guarantees or requires "due process of law" for crimes to be proven?

          • Bik says:

            It's funny how Punjabi Hindus like 'Sher' has to look at Southern Indian Marathas in order to have any sense of pride!

            No wonder the Punjabi Hindu is so rootless. He disowned his mother tongue Punjabi and now has to look at Poorabiyas and Dakhani Hindus for his heroes!

            FYI the Marathas were a brief interlude in the ongoing battle between the Khalsa and the Mughals and Afghans. The Marathas marched into Punjab and then basically left again and then got the shyt kicked out of them by Abdali at Panipat from which they never recovered. The last of these 'warriors' had to flee to Punjab to ask for help from Maharaja Ranjit Singh after a getting the shyt kicked out of him by the British.

            The Muslims conquered Sindh and then took time out to consolidate their conquests. They had just conquered a land mass from Spain to Sindh. For the same reason even though the Arabs defeated a Chinese army sent against them they did not pursue their conquests further into China. If you want to give any credit to a nation that withstood the Arabs and later Muslims then given it to the Chinese whom the Muslims never conquered until the Hindus who the Turks, Afghans and later the Mughals conquered without much effort.

          • Thinker Singh says:

            @Sher: You continue to spew out the same old nonsense time and time again as though you are writing from a script. Just because you write this stuff over and over again does not mean that it is the reality….just your reality. Give it a break! You are an anti Sikh maniac and Hindu fanatic despite all your rantings to the contrary. If you really cared about India you would stop all this nonsense and focus your attention on the real terrorists ie the GOI. On a personal level the amount of time you spend spewing this garbage on this board (as well as numerous others if I was to hazzard a guess) don't you have a job, studies, a family or friends? Or are you getting paid to do this?

          • Sher says:

            Thinker (!!) this is what you have to contribute in the name of 'Progressive' thinking? Calling me a fanatic and anti-Sikh maniac while I am "ranting" about terrorism victims majority of whom were Sikhs!!
            I understand why you are so rattled when Khali terrorists and their sickening ideology is exposed. If GOI or any individual is a terrorist, you have courts all over the world. Stop giving me this crap that there was something pious about khalistani (or other Bhindran, BK inspired bloodhounds) massacres of innocents. Stop being a ruthless hypocrite who holds two placards in his hands one condemning Michael Wade and other supporting Balwant s Rajoana.

            No difference between those who kill in the name of religion Hamas, Khalistanis or Hindu Babu Bajrangis.
            If you think my opposition of terrorism is "garbage" you need help.

          • Sanehval says:

            @Sher yo dog I'm sorry for the death of BT, I know these have been dark days for you.

          • Sher says:

            Haha@ dog Welll,I wouldn't say I'm disappointed or offended, what else one can expect from someone who eulogises psychopaths in the name of his faith. As far another cheap shot about BT is concerned, Sanehval Bhaji 😉 I have made my thoughts on extremism clear by condemning Babu Bajrangi along with Islamist and Sikh fanatics. Yes, Mumbai Sikhs wouldn't agree with anyone criticising BT who made sure no sikh was harmed in Mumbai after Indira assassination.

          • Sherdil says:

            Parallel government? Is that your justifcation to mass-murder people without any proof? Please cite evidence for so-called parallel government.

            let me get this straight so, you couldn't find ONE example of someone who you are accusing of crimes to be even proven to have committed these crimes?

            Do you think crimes should be proven thorugh a due process of law than thorugh malicious accusations?

            Secondly, please point me to the article in Indian constitution that guarantees or provides due process of law?

          • Sher says:

            Denialist pack let loose on a lone Sher :)
            I don't believe someone in this age of information revolution can feign 'ignorance' about pak-sponsored killer gangs who not only pushed Punjab into dark ages but also butchered tens of thousands of civilians and police personnel.

            Who do you think killed the above-mentioned punjabis or are you saying Khali terrorists did not exist? Did any court even framed charges against Indira, Beant Singh, amitabh bacchchan,,.? Is that YOUR criteria of establishing guilt?

          • Bik says:

            Your analogy is wrong. The Indian government has the power and the resources to put those it accuses of terrorism on trial. Indira and the rest of her chumchay are a part of the Indian state and hence the state protects it's dogs.

  2. knowTheEnemy says:

    Please watch this four and a half minute video to get a idea of when Palestinians and Israelis will be living peacefully with each other-

  3. amar says:

    What does Hamas believe in? Apparently the author of this post ignores this. Why? Look at the charter of Hamas and you see that Hamas believes in killing Jews. Read and educate yourself. No Sikh of the Guru should stand with this lot.

    Article Seven: The Universality of Hamas
    By virtue of the distribution of Muslims, who pursue the cause of the Hamas, all over the globe, and strive for its victory, for the reinforcement of its positions and for the encouragement of its Jihad, the Movement is a universal one. It is apt to be that due to the clarity of its thinking, the nobility of its purpose and the loftiness of its objectives. It is in this light that the Movement has to be regarded, evaluated and acknowledged. Whoever denigrates its worth, or avoids supporting it, or is so blind as to dismiss its role, is challenging Fate itself. Whoever closes his eyes from seeing the facts, whether intentionally or not, will wake up to find himself overtaken by events, and will find no excuses to justify his position. Priority is reserved to the early comers. Oppressing those who are closest to you, is more of an agony to the soul than the impact of an Indian sword. “And unto thee have we revealed the Scripture with the truth, confirming whatever scripture was before it, and a watcher over it. So judge between them by that which Allah hath revealed, and follow not their desires away from the truth which has come unto thee. For each we have appointed a divine law and a traced-out way. Had Allah willed, He could have made you one community. But that He may try you by that which he has given you [He has made you as you are]. So vie with one another in good works. Unto Allah, you will all return. He will then inform you of that wherein you differ.” Hamas is one of the links in the Chain of Jihad in the confrontation with the Zionist invasion. It links up with the setting out of the Martyr Izz a-din al-Qassam and his brothers in the Muslim Brotherhood who fought the Holy War in 1936; it further relates to another link of the Palestinian Jihad and the Jihad and efforts of the Muslim Brothers during the 1948 War, and to the Jihad operations of the Muslim Brothers in 1968 and thereafter. But even if the links have become distant from each other, and even if the obstacles erected by those who revolve in the Zionist orbit, aiming at obstructing the road before the Jihad fighters, have rendered the pursuance of Jihad impossible; nevertheless, the Hamas has been looking forward to implement Allah’s promise whatever time it might take. The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him! This will not apply to the Gharqad, which is a Jewish tree (cited by Bukhari and Muslim).

    • Rajinder Singh says:

      Regardless of their ideology, Hamas rockets are like 4th of July fireworks compared to Israeli firepower that includes nuclear weapons. So far 3 Israelis died from 544 Hamas rockets, meanwhile 111 Palestinian died from Israeli attacks. Unfortunately none of this is necessary. The middle east needs fewer weapons, so they dont kill each other. The $3Billion annual military aid to Israel paid for by the US taxpayer can be better used elsewhere. Consider eliminating deaths from starvation. About one billion people on this planet are starving everyday. That is 13% or 1 out of every seven on this planet. Every year 15 Million children die of hunger. For the price of one missile, a school full of hungry children can eat lunch fof 5 yrs. What would Baba Nanak have done ?

    • FIVERIVERS says:

      you guys speak long and fruitless debates with these enemies of humanity… dont have to be Muslim or of Hamas to support our Palestinian brothers and sisters. Shame on the last two posters…cowards in my eyes. FREE PALESTINE!


  4. ninachanpreet says:

    amar palestinians in the gaza territory are not all hamas. turn on the news. watch the innocent children being killed. to find a sense of compassion for both sides is the greatest challenge, and one that the Gurus had a very clear and explicit view on. I wish I could remember the excerpt from baani about compassion for victim and perpetrator. Please consider this before you make so many assumptions.

    • knowTheEnemy says:

      The reason why innocents die in Gaza is because Hamas uses them as human-shields. They launch their rockets from within schools and other residential areas. They store weapons in hospital basements. They deliberately do this and NO palestinian (and their supporters) objects to this. Israel does its best not to have to attack when civilians are nearby. So the palis are in a win-win situation. Whenever Israel decides not to attack, they get a chance to attack Israel again, and if Israel attacks and any civilians die then they can call Israel child-killer. And the world media is happy to oblige and demonize Israel.

      Check out an example of how Hamas uses residential areas to attack-

    • knowTheEnemy says:

      btw, it is the Gazans who elected Hamas to power, after Hamas promised them that they will do their best to finish Israel off. If you haven't already, please watch this four minute video-

      So much for filistinis being 'innocent'

  5. Thinker Singh says:

    @Brooklynwala: Please explain to me who made you the spokesperson for all Sikhs? So why is this article called "Sikh Solidarity with Gaza"? Was there a referendum and I missed it?

    • brooklynwala says:

      so then i guess you take issue with any article, statement, or forum with the word "sikh" in it because they all claim to represent all sikhs? i am encouraging sikhs to stand in solidarity with the people of gaza who are under attack because i see that in line with sikh principles and history. a group of sikhs wrote the solidarity with palestine statement in 2009, which about 408 sikhs signed onto.

      if you disagree with my perspective or the solidarity statement, then express why rather than making holier than thou accusations.

      • Thinker Singh says:

        "a group of Sikhs wrote the solidarity with palestine statement in 2009, which 408 Sikhs signed" What about the other remaining 25m less your 408? Wow now you have a majority! Are you serious???

        • Bik says:

          People like Brooklynwala are so blinded by the left wing politics that they cannot see the difference between a terrorist organisation and a government attempting to keep their citizens safe. No doubt Brooklynwala will again as he has done before attempt to cast the Palestinians as Sikhs and the Israeli government as the same as the Indian government. Sad really because he should be using his energy to promote Sikh interests and not the interests of a band of terrorists.

  6. Amar says:

    Nina, Hamas came to power through an election- in other words, the populace put a group into power whose charter calls for the murder of others based on their religion. While it may be true that not all support Hamas, that is the case with any government that is involved in an armed conflict. For example, not all Germans supported the Nazi party. I don't expect the author would have made an appeal for Sikhs in Solidarity with Germany if he were able during World War II, but if he had, it would merit a similar response. While the author is keen on accusing Israel of wrongdoing, his blind eye to the evil Hamas represents is sad.

    • bik says:

      The difference is that while the Jews have the military strength they kill with discrimination targeting the Hamas murderers, when the Muslims get the military strength they will wipe out all Jews from Israel. Unfortunately people like Brooklynwala either are too naive or wilfully ignore the above fact.

      • ninachanpreet says:

        Amar your comparison makes no sense. It is like any other election not Nazi Germany. So you are going to kill innocent civilians because an election voted a government you disagree with? Many people around the world hated George Bush, maybe you didn't vote for him. So, people should have access to killing you as a civilian target because the majority of your population voted for Bush. Seriously people think logically about this. Bik – unfortunately you are too blind to see that this conflict is manufactured by Israelis who have made no effort towards peace but have continuously opened fire on innocent civilians. The disparities between the two are extreme as well. You might notice this if you watched the news carefully. Whether or not 1 side is wrong or right, what saddens me the most about what you say and about what everyone else is saying is that you are out of touch with the concept of justice in Sikhi. Innocent civilians should not be killed, you cannot punish an entire population becaus eof a select few individuals. You cannot call Israel's action peacemaking no matter how you try to spin it. And Bik if you think Brooklynala is so naive, why don't you write an article or even try a paragrpah to start refuting his points. You probably can't even do that. All talk. Sorry but this conversation is infuriating.

  7. Deepa says:

    Here is some background on Hamas. While I may disagree with their politics, it is important to understand why they have the support of Palestinians living under horrendous conditions:

  8. brooklynwala says:

    I am not going to respond to each of these comments and/or attacks, but what I will say for now is that many of the arguments made sound a whole lot like those made by the Indian government in 1984 and beyond to justify their murderous assaults on Sikhs in north India. While Sher's argument above is deplorable, at least he's consistent in his solidarity with the oppressor. Our Gurus stood with the oppressed. Our Gurus fought for justice for all of humanity. Plain and simple.

    • Sher says:

      I take strong objection to your despicable aspersion about my supporting "oppressor". I have and would continue to condemn killing of every single non-combatant/civilian. Brooklynwala, u are being less than honest by ignoring the fact that while others are 'attacking' you (another victim of the persecution complex) I have in fact lauded the sentiment behind the post!!

      Yes, I would continue to protest against Khali and other radical Sikhs as I have experienced the black decade of Punjab myself where tens of thousands were butchered by their automatic gun totting heroes (not!!). You can accuse of being a hypocrite if I fail to condemn the deeds of the CONVICTED Hindu fanatics like Babu Bajrangi. Lastly, you do not consider the victims of Khali terrorism human beings? When would you write a post moaning about their plight too?

    • Amar says:

      All Sikhs stand for justice for all of humanity and should hope for peace and harmony in the Middle East. Unfortunately, you have chosen to take sides (your decision, not mine) with an organization that has made it plain — through its own charter — that it does not believe in peace and justice for all of humanity; rather it looks to kill all of one religion. Though no doubt well intended, your idea of justice is strange and certainly not one that would be endorsed by any of the Gurus.

      I spoke up only to make it plain to anyone directed to this posting that your taking sides in this fashion is not compatible with Sikh thought, so no one is mislead as to the teachings of our Gurus by your personal invocation of them. Your churlish reference to 1984 requires no response. With that I wish you chardi kala and best of luck. I'm out.

  9. question singh says:

    I see a phillistine zindabad on this website

    but i have yet to see a khalistan zindabad?

    why is that?

  10. Sanehval says:

    @Brooklynwala I think that everyone is struggling to come to terms with the sheer fact that Hamas as an organization holds a view that is categorically antithetical to peace and it is throwing stones when it knows it will get bombs back, and those bombs will kill kids. This doesn't justify the IDF's tactics of throwing bombs that will kill kids. And counter to what some folks here say, even if the denizens of Palestine are misguided enough to throw their support behind an organization with this ideological falsity, non-combatants do not deserve to die. So while Sikhs *should* stand in solidarity with the everyday Palestinan for being placed in a historical formation that puts them in a constant state of terror and despair, we need to be nuanced in how we think through what solidarity means and to what purpose.

    • brooklynwala says:

      agreed. solidarity with the people of gaza and with palestinians does not mean support for hamas ideologically or tactically. oppression breeds extremism/terrorism. this is nothing new. even while strongly disagreeing with hamas's politics and tactics, it is still plain wrong to hold them culpable for the carnage that is taking place by the IDF right now. you can't get the truth about what's going on from the corporate media, which will forever blame palestinians for their own subjugation and never ever raise an eyebrow at israel's aggression and war crimes. 106 palestinians have been killed so far. it was 1400+ in 2009. hamas's tactics are not helping the people of gaza, but their homemade fertilizer rockets pale in comparison to one of the strongest militaries in the world (funded by US tax dollars) that is plundering more civilians every day.

      • brooklynwala says:

        i should add that hamas's extremism also pales in comparison to that of netanyahu's. israel has imposed a blockage on gaza for the last 6 years, which is resulting in children dying from starvation and not having access to medical supplies every day. this piece by juan cole breaks it down very clearly:
        note point 9: Israeli hawks maintain that they were provoked into the attack. But actually Ahmad Jabari, the Hamas leader the Israelis assassinated earlier this week, had been engaged in talks with the Israelis about a truce. Assassinations achieved by the ruse of openness to peace talks are guarantees of no further peace talks.

        • Sanehval says:

          @Brooklynwala I dont want to get in a long drawn out discussion about this, but just want to give some food for thought from someone who is generally left-leaning and daresay progressive-leaning.

          "oppression breeds extremism/terrorism"
          Absolutely. Hamas/Palestine is in a situation in which hatred towards Israel is the most reasonable outcome to the horror that Israel puts them through.

          "it is still plain wrong to hold them culpable for the carnage that is taking place by the IDF right now"
          I can't blame them for the existence for Israel, but I can blame them for lobbing their rockets over to Israel with full knowledge of the repercussions, literally clearing the ground for Israel to justify continued attacks on Gaza.

          Agreed on Israels war crimes and ignoring of intl law.

          "hamas's tactics are not helping the people of gaza, but their homemade fertilizer rockets pale in comparison to one of the strongest militaries in the world (funded by US tax dollars) that is plundering more civilians every day."
          That's a really really big but. Yes Israel has a bigger arsenal. But if Hamas had access to the same caliber of weapons, would they use them? I don't know, and it makes me wonder whether Hamas has it in them to be just as ferociously violent with similar weapons, whether that ferociousness is predicated on revenge or the annihilation of Jews.

          "i should add that hamas's extremism also pales in comparison to that of netanyahu's."
          Does it? I'm not ignoring the material conditions of Gaza that produce anti-semitism and hatred of the Israeli state, but I wonder what the inner logic of netanyahu is. Is the the maintenance of Israel, or the annihilation of all non-Jews in Palestine? It seems that the annihilation of Jews in Israel is part of Hamas' charter. If a similar logic underlies netanyahu et all, they can all go to hell.

          And yes, its tragically sad that someone involved in peace talks was the catalyst for the current assault on Gaza.

  11. Deep Hundal says:

    You think we Sikhs, in our own resistance against Tyranny, haven't engaged in acts of violence that may have killed innocent peoples? That's delusional, but it also doesn't mean that we were reflexively nefarious and evil in our intentions.

    Hamas and the people of Palestine have the right to self-defense. They are under a military occupation.

    Israel's brutality toward the Palestinians, and in this case, Gazans (half of which are children, most of which are usually the victims in this cyclic narrative of oppression) is analogous to one of us armed with a tank chasing and running over a 3 year old in a tricycle with a elastic band gun. It's alarmingly disproportionate and given the facts that Israel has always been the aggressor, it's disingenuous to point to Hamas's constitution or self-preservative values.

    Israel has one goal: wipe out the Palestinian people and claim their land.

    Hamas is the only line of defense against this ongoing genocide.

    I support the right to defense, in through militancy.

  12. Deep Hundal says:


    You're at troll. Simple as that. This is the first of your comments I have read – in fact, I have not ventured the Langar Hall for some time. But I now for a fact that you're here to rile up negative emotions amongst readers and writers.

    I come across douche bags like you all the time.

    You wouldn't bat an eye if 1000 Sikhs were lined up and executed for being supporters of Khalistan, in fact you'd lobby for such measures.

    Yet here you are lecturing us on violence.

  13. Deep Hundal says:


    What was the point of your post? To detract from the situation in Gaza and co-opt the discussion happening here?

    You should be ignored.

    I don't know why people can't see he's trolling. Ignore him.

  14. Sarbjit Singh says:

    I have posted comments here before about Muslim issues being posted on Langar hall, There should only Sikh issues should be posted here, Nothing else, Sikh communities worldwide have too many issues to deal with, We need to focus on our own issues first , I stop coming to the site while back because i felt there are Muslims postings here as Sikhs, I Still feel the same way, Langarhall has the responsibility to check the ID's of the Writers like do.

  15. Aryeh Leib says:

    Deep Hundal, are you implying that Israel's pinpoint strikes – which tragically do sometimes end up killing non-combatants – ARE "reflexively nefarious and evil" in their intentions? Or, am I reading too much into it?
    As far as Israel's goal being, to wipe out the Palestinians and claim their land, as you state, all I can say is that Israel has certainly done a terrible job of it. Over a million Palestinian Arabs are full Israeli citizens today, and their numbers are rising every year. There is presently a rush to obtain Israeli citizenship among Arabs living in eastern Jerusalem, with one resident quoted as saying that he, "preferred the 'hell' of Israel to the 'paradise of either Abbas or Hamas". It"s come to the point where they no longer fear the very real threats of reprisal from their fellow Arabs.
    A very strange sort of "genocide" indeed …
    If Israel's goal truly was to wipe out the Palestinian people (invented out of whole cloth by the Egyptian, Yasser Arafat, in the 1960's when the Pan-Arab ploy failed) it wouldn't take very long to accomplish – considering Israel's military superiority.
    Just maybe there's something else going on that you and Sonny and Nina, et al, aren't factoring in?
    By the way, I have lived in Israel for decades – and, before you say that this fact obviously makes me biased, consider the many Israelis whose public viewpoints are similar to your own, if not more radical. That's something you'll only see in a free, open society , where people aren't afraid to express unpopular views.
    As the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan put it: You're entitled to your own opinions; you're NOT entitled to your own "facts"!

  16. Suki says:

    Everyone has the right to life and liberty. Israel has a right to exist in some place and in some capacity for sure. Jews have been persecuted for mellenia. They have history in the region of Israel. But the manner in which they Israel was created was always going to lead to problems. That is one issue. Other issues exist also. One being Israels right to defend itself. But yet another issue is the clear abuse of its power to supress the Palestinian populace. I see valid arguements in many of the above comments even though they appear to oppose one another. In the final,from a Sikh stand point, our faith and history stipulates that we stand for righteousness whatever the cost. We can support Israel one moment but if the atter becomes injust we are able to change side. This is not due to fair weather friend tendancies. No. This is how justice works in the real world. My best friend may do wrong tomorrow. Am I supposed to give my allegiance because we are/were friends? Or do I do the right thing and stand for what is right? There is no doubt Islam has, in addition to great things, brought great suffering to non muslims thoughout history. But right is to fight the times that the extremism appears not to attack . I just think humans have this tendancy to reflexively respond to situations or dilemnas as though we have o time to engage our deep though processes. But when we stop and genuinely take in as mmuch data, running it thorugh our minds for a period, we get great insights. There tends to be less suffering. And we truly become Human.

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