Sikh Pride, Gay Pride

This past weekend was pride weekend in my home of New York City and many other cities around the country and world. I missed many of the festivities because I was traveling but did attend the annual Trans Day of Action last Friday, a march a rally organized by the Audre Lorde Project and many other groups on the historic Christopher Street Pier. It was a beautiful gathering of a very diverse and energetic group of queer people, trans people, and allies. The event was largely led by LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people of color and immigrants, a breath of fresh air given how these individuals are so often invisible/marginalized/excluded in both the mainstream gay movement and in their own communities and families.

Towards the end of the rally, a young desi man came up to me, introduced himself, and asked me about local Sikh activist groups to get involved in. He, like so many others in our community, has not found a Sikh space where he can take action on the various social justice issues he is passionate about — including LGBT rights and justice. We had a nice, short conversation about the activist roots of Sikhi and our Gurus’ radical commitment to equality and liberation. Yet we are all too aware of the rampant homophobia in our community, which I have written about before.

Given this reality, I was happy to see a PSA circulating in the last few days that features a Sikh family speaking out against homophobia. We could certainly use one in Punjabi to reach more members of our community, but this Hindi video is a great start nevertheless.

4) PSA Hindi from Asian Pride Project on Vimeo.


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11 Responses to “Sikh Pride, Gay Pride”

  1. pnr says:

    what a disgrace – on the path of bhagti (ie. Sikhi) the only purpose of lustful indulgence is procreation within marriage – ie. chastity&celibacy – without conserving the life force Naam Simran will not bear fruit and yet another lifetime will be wasted in sin.

  2. 3 series says:

    What a narrow minded world view you have pnr!

  3. sikhi says:

    word is bon son, word is bon!

  4. Mandeep says:

    This is disgusting. Just like the Sikh-Coalition, these sinners in the name of Sikhism are disgracing our religion. USA now stands for g** rights. This is a sin and it's very very shameful Sikhs even think of supporting this.

  5. You have to explain very nice topic and agree with your ideas. Every one has right to do what they wants and education have to motivate their people. i am regarding this event and post which you have to share.

  6. Tracie says:

    If I must say something, then nothing will stop the chatter within

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