Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana


See UPDATED post from TLH here at The Wonder of the Shaheed.

On March 31st, Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana is set to be executed in Punjab for his involvement in the assassination of former chief minister of Punjab, Beant Singh. It will be the first execution in Punjab’s history in 24 years.

Chief minister Beant Singh was involved with carrying out brutal and mass killings of Sikhs in Punjab. He is widely held responsible by many Sikhs for ordering the kidnap, torture and death of many young Sikh men. A report by Amnesty International can be found here.

Balwant Singh Rajoana has confessed his involvement in theassassination. He’s accepted the sentence without protest, identifying a lack of faith in the Indian judiciary system and accusing Indian courts for applying dual standards of law. The Indian judiciary system is one that has continued to protect the culprits of the mass killings of Sikhs. In his will Balwant Singhannounced his wish to donate his eyes and other body parts after his death, in particular, he expressed his desire that his eyes should be transplanted to Hazoori Ragi of Darbar Sahib, visually impaired Bhai Lakhwinder Singh. An English translation of his living will can be found here.

Sikh groups in the diaspora are organizing demonstrations to bring awareness to Balwant Singh’s case. You can find out more about these events on this facebook page. In addition, apetition has been created to stop the execution of Balwant Singh Rajoana.

Let us not forget those men and women who have stood up against injustice.

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36 Responses to “Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana”

  1. Gurleen says:

    Bahut Sahi Gal hai veerji,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,_Indian Judicial System is corrupt……….._Bhai sahib layi sanu ik common jagah te ikathe hona chahida hai,,_To raise our voice against this corrupt system

  2. Jugraj Singh says:

    Lets insult everything that Balwant Singh Rajoana is standing up for for by asking for mercy and filing petitions for his release. Politicians/Activists/FB activists are all crying hoarse wanting to attach their public sympathies with the issue while refusing to acknowledge the higher truth that Bhai Rajoana is proclaiming….there is no difference between living and dying while fighting against injustice while immersed in the love of Guru. We are projecting our own weak conscience on him and disrespecting everything that he is trying to say to our long-dead souls. On being asked about Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar case, he had said …’meri vaari nazaara vakhra hi hovega..’ and he is showing us why…

    Perhaps an introspection into our personal Sikh spirit would do us some good.

  3. jodha says:

    @jugraj – agreed. I will write a follow-up post soon. Just have had a busy weekend. Thanks for bringing the point up.

  4. prdind says:

    When did 2 wrongs started to make 1 right. Has he not confessed his involvement in the assassination? Ki farak haiga Balwant Singh te ISI terrorist wich… dono hi religion de naa te lokan nu katal karde hain… jo kuch KPS gill/Beant Singh ne kita bilkul galat si, par jo kuch ho rahya si 80s te 90s wich, o keda theek si…

  5. Meena says:

    @Prdind: Can you translate this c$%p into English so we can understand what you are saying and perhaps put out a response to it.

  6. prdind says:

    @Meena another attempt at c$%p
    When did 2 wrongs started to make 1 right. Has he not confessed his involvement in the assassination? What is the difference between Balwant Singh and ISI terrorist… Both are killing people in the name of religion… Whatever KPS Gill/Beant Singh did was certainly not right, but whatever was happening in 80s and 90s, basically political manipulation of religion by both SAD and Congress was not right either.

  7. Grewal says:

    Bhai balwant singh ji Rajoana is living up to the standard of a true gursikh…which we are not capable of, certainly not me. I hope that his shaheedi will not go in vain, and that the sikhs will realize that the Indian Government treats the sikhs as second class citizens.
    We can blame the politicians all we want, but why has the indian Judiciary system not been able to punish the responsible people for the 1984 dehli/ 2002 gujrat massacre?
    The whole political,social and judiciary system is so corrupt that people which have cases pending against them are made ministers and DGP. This is nothing new, and this why people like bhai Rajoana did what needed to do.
    When a sikh undertakes something to stop the attrocities, he is put behind bars for 17 years and eventually hanged till death!! We sikhs must realize that we must not only save him from the gallows, but get him free aswell. He knows, that his shaheedi will be more valuable (wake-up call) for the sikh panth, than being life sentenced in jail. I hope the people of Punjab realise this!!!!
    For the vast majority of the people of india, bhai Balwant Singh is a terrorist but for us sikhs, he is a freedom fighter.

    I have great respect for this jinda shaheed

  8. Manu says:

    If anyone's interested, Amandeep and Randep's March 20, 2012 Interview with Punjabi Radio USA regarding the Global Movement for Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana can be heard here: (you may need to turn the volume all the way up from 4:30 to 5:50).

  9. Inderjeet says:

    Have we done a cross match to see if the eyes will be taken by the recipient that Bhai Balwant Singh has willed his eyes to???

  10. karanpreet says:

    mery sari sikh kaom nu benti hai 31smar2012 har singh singhni kesri dastaran ban ke apni
    ekta da sabut dye a baki abarsar te kisai granthi ton ass na rakho oh te app ja ke pani
    dyan baltian bhar ke de aye han ke lai put eh de nal naha ke shety faci char jawo
    lahant hai eho jehi jathedari de

  11. scooter says:

    Just an FYI, the technology to transplant eyes does not yet exist. Part of the eye called the cornea can be transplanted to a damaged or diseased eye, but if a person is blind to begin with, or has been blind for a very long time it won't make any difference at all. The neural capacity to actually use the eye will not have been developed in the brain. Even someone who can see and looses an eye can not get a transplant. We do not yet have the ability to reconnect the optic nerve. Stem cell research may lead to that some day.

  12. Guri says:

    What if Hangman refuses to hang anyone? As per jail manual Jail Supdt. will have to perform the duty of the hangman. Jail Supdt. has already refused to perform this duty and will prefer to resign. Punjab does not have any hangman, they will have to ask Delhi Govt. for the hangman. Why do someone perform this job? For Money? This is the profession no one would like to choose. if any hangman has enough money to lead a comfortable life he will never do this job. Politicians spent millions and millions to fight elections with no surety to win and even to see that others loose. They will spend any amount to get votes of elected representitives to save their Govt. Will someone see that any hangman has enough resources to shun this profession? Another thing to watch is to see what action / course will Path Rattan Fakhar A Quam receipt(s) will take. Don't you think whosoever is Panth Rattan should come forward and lead as it is now issue of our QUAM.

  13. gulvi says:

    @prdind,I think you have not full knowledge of Sant Bhindranwala,You only know what the govt say,If you read his history and also of sikh religion,then you are ready to sacrifice your life for sikh religion and also you become the hardcore fellow of Sant ji.I do't know either u r hindu ,nirankari or sacha sauda.Sikh taan badla lain lai jamde hi rehan ge.

  14. jas says:

    Save Bhai Balwant Singh ji. He shouldn't be hanged. Our government is of no use if they cannot help us. We voted for a useless government. How disappointing. Many Hindus killed Sikhs but they didn't get hanged…how come it is always us Sikhs who gets punished for something that we did to protect our people.

  15. Blighty Singh says:

    This has got to be the first time since 1984 that pretty much every Sikh on earth is united in anger. Even 'Sikhs' that used to espouse the official Indian line have joined the unified Sikh camp. India, being the pathetic creature it is, has not only shot itself in the foot, it has invited the world to its very public flogging.
    This piece from the uk version of huffington post, and the comments it has generated, sums up well the way that the world has finally woken up to just what strange kind of democracy India actually is.

  16. Paul says:

    Mr. B. Singh’s life should b spared as he has done good deed to all men kind by what ever he has done to assist assassination of a Monster. Vissious killers of innocent people must be crusified and be killed so their spree of killing can be stopped. And people who take upon themselves such hard tasks of removing such animals from the society should be recognized as hero’s not what is happening here.

    Paul Sethi

  17. Unknown says:

    This is wrong, Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana, an innocent soul is getting hanged. The Indian Judicial System is corrupt . I am will always stand with my sikh brothers and sisters. I belive the Judicial System is taking it too far , not only are they hanging someone who has done the right thing but it is also provoking the Sikhs to do wrong. The teaching in Sikhism is to respect every religion and live in peace. We need to protect our religion from being destroyed and we will fight for justice forever……….

  18. S.K.Nanua says:

    The indian Judiciary system not been able to punish the responsible people for the 1984 Delhi yet, then why the judiciary is so much in hurry to hang Bhai Rajoana. The whole political,social and judiciary system is corrupt . This is nothing new, and this why people like Bhai Rajoana did what needed to do. Still the ANNA's campaing against corruption is going anyhow. our political leaders have deteriorated our whole political,social and judicial system. The Judiciary is so much interested to hang Bhai Rajoana whereas 21 cases related to anti-Sikh riots registered in police stations in south-west Delhi had been sent as "untraced means that there is not enough evidence to proceed for trial. The principal suspects in the 1984 case—Congress leaders the late HKL Bhagat, Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler and Kamal Nath—have escaped the long arm of the law. The leaders go scot-free while people like Bhai Rajaona suffers. The legal system is so differential to this leaders. Yet we are waiting for justice for 1984 riots., Those who end of being punished are minor pawns in the whole game.
    Despite numerous credible eye-witness accounts that identified many of those involved in the violence, including police and politicians, in the months following the killings, the government sought no prosecutions or indictments of any persons, including officials, accused in any case of murder, rape or arson.
    Bhai Rajaona is against this system, this judiciary, these leaders, this corrupt politicians. He gave us the path, now we should proceed on it for justice not only to him but also to the victims of 1984 riots and is required to an attempt to mollify the charged current and to raise our voice against this corrupt system and justice to the humanity.

  19. honey says:

    sorry yaar duniya bekaar bina sardar

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