UPDATE: #Neverforget84


6/4 @ 2:15pm – More tweets by Panjabi MC, award-winning MC Amrit Tung, even hiphop artist B-Magic. Also pagh salute to our friends at Naujawani for keeping us up to date with their twitter feeds.

6/3 @ 4:45am – Since the post went up, Bhangra Star Jassi Sidhu, famed DJ Bobby Friction, Gurdarshan Mangat (Saintlion), and Raxstar. Keep the list growing!

So as they say, it starts with an idea. This one comes from Simrat Kaur from the Bay Area. Sometimes, it happens even on the BART.

It was an idea to increase awareness all over the world of the events that unfolded during Operation Blue Star in 1984. If people from the Middle East can use sites such as Twitter to start revolutions, then why not Sikhs? We need to stop using social networking sites for the purposes of hitting on girls and flirting with guys.We need to start a revolution. How long will Sikhs stay quiet? I am one hundred percent sure that if the same attack had been carried out on the holiest of places of any other religion, things would have definitely not ended this way.[link]

The challenge is simple and symbolic. We have not forgotten. Without justice, there can be no forgetting. So here is what we are asking. Use your twitter or start an account – but tweet the following #neverforget84 everyday and all day from Jun 3rd to the 6th. Here is the event page on Facebook. The goal is to get #neverforget84 to trend. Is it slacktivism, maybe….but can it have real ramifications, maybe…..

The Jakara Movement is participating so you can follow them too at @jakaramovement . At the time of this posting, even bhangra sensation Jassi Sidhu has tweeted #neverforget84 . With some encouragement, maybe even Jay Sean, Gurbaksh Chahal, and others will follow. Do your part! Tweet! and ask for favors from friends/family/people you are following!

Also for some general information about Sikhs and 1984 – follow this link.

Hope to see your tweet!

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17 Responses to “UPDATE: #Neverforget84”

  1. varinder gill says:

    This is deep shit……tusi apne ap nu sardar kehnde ho…..guru Gobind Singh ji de bhagat akhde ho apne ap nu…..pehlan ja ke dekho ki eh 'Sikh' da ki matlab hunda hai….

  2. Jodha's sister says:

    We are exploring our Sikhi, we are attempting to follow the path, Guru Gobind Singh Ji never tolerated injustice. Our Guru's always fought for social justice.

  3. harinder says:

    Indian Sikhs have moved on from 1984 to 2011 .
    I suggest you all in West also move on .

  4. Rajinder Singh says:

    Nicely said Harinder,Jodha and his cohort's like his sister,are wuses crying over spilled milk.People have moved on ,nobody even remembers 1984 in Punjab or India.Jodha let the sleeping dogs lie.

  5. @SIMMU88 says:

    Great post! I really hope that my simple idea will grow into a real revolution. About a month ago, I e-mailed JusReign, Humble, and AKakaAmazing; I was really hopeful that they would promote this event but I guess those e-mails went unnoticed. I am happy to see that JusReign tweeted out #neverforget84; hopefully other influential Sikh youths will follow. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  6. Tajinder says:

    Indian Sikhs have forgotten and "moved on", I have relatives their and no this does not apply to 100% of the Sikh population in India. For those that have "moved on", apparently they seemed to not have learned anything the first time around. These are the same type of people who got themselves slaughtered in Delhi in the first run. They chose to live outside the community and preferred the company of the majority as they probably considered their culture and way of life superior to their own. These people had also "moved on", ignoring the fact they had a greater loss of numbers in 1947 then most other Indian communities, from riots ignited from the ruling class, ignoring the fact that they were not given a state till the 1970’s after struggling for it in their own country. The list goes on and on. These people are worthless to the community in the advancement of this subject matter, because they have themselves “moved on” and put aside rape, killings, torture at mass scales of innocent “Indian Citizens,” whos own democracy betrayed them, and considered them “…a barbaric race of people, who should be dealt with force”. Moving on is an option and should be considered by all means, but not when the government itself chooses not to move on, and let go of its historical view points towards the Sikh community, which is continually played out by, not bringing to justice government leaders responsible for 84 massacre and consistent debasing of Sikhs in the media.