Money Making And Spending: Insights Into Two Presidential Candidates

As we decide on the presidential candidate we will vote for this election year, their values, thought-processes, and interactional styles are as important as their policies. I feel regardless of who wins the election, their policies will ultimately change during their presidency. George Bush Senior said he would provide tax-cuts during his presidency and ultimately raised them. Bush Two wanted smaller government, but added the Office of Homeland Security. Bill Clinton promised health-care reform for insuring more Americans, but when he left office there were at least 3 million more people uninsured in the U.S.. The only stability these candidates can provide us are their values, thought-processes, and interactional styles because, at both of their ages, habits generally dont change. These habits rooted in personality and experience, will provide insight into what kinds of policy decisions they are more likely to make when policy changes occur during their presidency for various reasons. Each candidates current stance on policies during the campaign season and voting record are crucial for providing insight into their values and thought-processes, but they should not be the sole measures for determining who is the better candidate. For example, how they interact at debates is critical because it reveals temperament and interactional style for engaging in heated moments we can expect our leader to encounter domestically and internationally, particularly after the state-of-affairs Bush is leaving us with. These debate moments along with those on the campaign trail also show us how these candidates will work across the table with red AND blue politicians to get legislation passed. Ultimately, we know there wont always be a foreign policy advisor or a cheerleader to hold either of these candidates hands during these heated moments when you just have to act, while ensuring youre doing the best for the American people and upholding American principles and ethics.

So another way of gaining insight into a persons values, thought-processes, and personality is how they make and spend their money, particularly campaign money. We have heard of the battle of McCain and Obama robo-calls and Obama campaigning through video games, but whats the overall picture look like click here and here to decide for yourself!

Lets us know what you think!

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