Bienvenidos a la comunidad Sikh de la Argentina!

In the spirit of offering profiles of Sikh communities around the world, I wanted to share this article on a small but thriving Sikh community in Argentina:

The Sikhs originally came to Argentina in the early 19th century to work on a British-built railroad. Later, in the 1970s, others came after being barred entry to Canada and the United States, the preferred destinations, along with Britain, for the emigrants.

At the time, Argentina seemed the most promising of South American nations, and so they stayed, eventually concentrating in the north, which reminded them of the scrappy mountains and plains of Punjab.

Today, there are 300 of them, many of whom run supermarkets and other shops.

The article highlights the solo Sikh gurdwara in Argentina and the prevalence of interreligious marriages. The Catholic-Sikh connection parallels, in part, the history of Latino-Punjabi (Catholic-Sikh) marriages in California during the Asian Exclusion Act years. The small community fears, however, that practice will continually erode, especially with the high out-marriage rate:

Mixed marriages with Catholic Argentines are common. Although they are increasingly integrated, the temple is an emblem of their adherence to their roots….

The marriages to non-Sikh Argentines means “keeping one’s religion becomes almost impossible,” he said, adding: “I think the third generation is the one that will lose the most.”

I thought this was an interesting divergence, because other small Sikh communities in other countries continue to thrive and maintain their identity. Perhaps one of the key differences is the religious diversity among immigrants or within the country itself? (although how that would apply to Catholic Italy is an open question).

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78 Responses to “Bienvenidos a la comunidad Sikh de la Argentina!”

  1. kanwal deep singh says:

    hi sat sri akal,my name is kanwal deep singh i shall be travelling in argentina n chile next jan or feb .i would love to meet some argentinian sikhs and would like to spend few days with can find me on face book under kanwal sidhu from tunbridge wells in uk .bye

  2. A.Singh Dhillon says:

    Sat Sri Akal to my Sikh community in Argentina!
    I am businessman from Uganda and after reading some articles about Sikh community in Argentina,decided
    to do some business and provide jobs to some Punjabis with Turbans from India to increase Singhs there.
    But failed to get any contacts or email ID for any Singh who can provide me business infromation to set-up.
    Kindly,feed back if someone having Email addresses for Sikh Community in Argentina.we can Invest there..
    Waheguru ji Khalsa,Waheguru ji ke Fateh !!

  3. Pargat singh says:

    Sat Sri akal g please anybody give me contact no.of president of any Sikh temple in Argentina.please help me.

  4. Sourabh Khurana says:

    Am in Buenos Aries for 2 weeks and want to come to Gurudwara
    How can i reach there

  5. SSA please help us spread sikhi in Buenos Aires ARGENTINA join us at