Time for Volunteers to VOTE SIKH

1.jpgEarlier I described the success of Sikh organizations in a competition being held by Chase Bank Community Giving on Facebook.

Now the second round manifesto for the 1 million dollar grand prize has been publically announced.

The Jakara Movement is publicly committed to use ALL money for the construction of 2 projects – the first North American Sikh Museum AND the Mata Gujri Women’s Center and Domestic Violence Shelter.

By voting for the Jakara Movement from January 15th-22nd, you will make this a reality.[link]

Both projects are long overdue and now we have a real opportunity together to make these community dreams come true.

The Mata Gujri Women’s Center is being described as:

The Mata Gujri Sikh Womens Center is to be a place of community, nurturing, and safety. It is to have a secure shelter for anyone all in need, including those in domestic violence situations. It will be able to have a stable environment for families and children. It will continue to expand and play other future roles in the community as well. It will be based in Central California, where there is a large Punjabi Sikh community, yet even the state has very few Womens Centers. The Mata Gujri Womens Center will be open to all.[link]

The Sikh Museum as:

The vision for the Sikh Museum is to create a place in North America to celebrate the history, heritage, and life of the Sikh experience. From the period of our beloved Gurus, to the heroic period of the Khalsa, to life and times under the Sarkar-e Khalsa of Ranjit Singh, to rule by the British Raj, to the current situation post-Partition, to celebrating the Sikh experience in North America, the museum will be a place where we can reflect on our past, improve our present, and prepare for our future. The hope is that by June 2014 when we reflect on the 30 years since one Sikh Reference Library was taken from us that we will be ready to celebrate a new Sikh Museum to plan for our future.[link]

All of these are only possible with volunteers throughout the world – from US, to UK, to Canada, to Australia, to Punjab, to India, to Malaysia, to Singapore, to Kenya, and beyond, we need the entire community to rally behind these projects.

There are plenty of ways to help – from printing posters and putting them up at your local Gurdwara, to creating a poll station, and much more. More ideas can be found here.

Together, we can make this a reality. Remember, on January 15-22, 2010 to VOTE SIKH.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh

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5 Responses to “Time for Volunteers to VOTE SIKH”

  1. Harinder says:

    It looks so beautiful

  2. Harinder says:

    It looks so beautiful

  3. GURDIAL says:

    vote for sikh museam

  4. GURDIAL says:

    vote for sikh museam

  5. beant singh says:

    a very holy and insightful mission