Saanjh 2011: Bay Area Sikh Retreat

logo.pngIf you were looking to attend a Sikh retreat a decade ago, you may have had a difficult time finding one. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. We are now fortunate enough to have a plethora of retreats and conferences to participate in. These retreats offer Sikhs an opportunity to cultivate our spirituality in hopes of moving us forward on our journey, whatever stage we may be at.

For the past several Septembers, I’ve packed up my things and traveled to Santa Cruz to attend Saanjh. Each year, i come back feeling fulfilled and rejuvinated. This year’s Saanjh will be particularly special – the organizers will be offering Amrit Sanchaarfor those individuals who are ready to make this commitment. A note from the organizers states:


Photo Credit: Gurumustuk Singh

We are proud to announce that there will be a Khandey Baatey di Paul/ Amrit Sanchaar at Saanjh this year. Khande di Pahul or Amrit is the most spiritually significant event in a Sikhs life. When one decides to partake in Amrit, she or he makes a commitment to walk the Sikh spiritual path. Amrit is the beginning of a journey, not the end–its akin to admission into a school to study a subject matter seriously, not graduation. For those of you who are looking to make the commitment, may we offer Saanjh as the venue for your commitment ceremony.

The retreat will bring together young Sikhs from across North America (and sometimes beyond!) to participate and engage in Sikhi. Whether or not we are ready to take Amrit – Saanjh offers us a unique opportunity to observe and learn about this very special ceremony. The retreat is a venue where we can learn about these significant and important aspects of Sikhi and feel supported as we embrace our individual journeys. The sessions are dynamic and promise to inspire participants. This year’s breakout sessions will include, “Guru and I, Poetry is Not a Luxury, Vaisakhi of 1699, 2084: Looking Back, Looking Forward, and Gendered Violence and Spirited Sikh Resistance.

Saanjh is open to all above 18 years of age and will be held this year from September 8th to 11th 2011. Please see the website for more information and register before prices increase! See you there Langarites!

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One Response to “Saanjh 2011: Bay Area Sikh Retreat”

  1. balmeet says:

    Thank you Saanjh organizers for embracing the next step. I hope to see Amrit Sanchaars become as standard as banquet/talent night's across retreats and camps.