Happy New Year!

While many people often confuse Vaisakhi as the beginning of the new year, today is the actual Sikh New Year.  It is the first day of the Nanakshahi Calender and Chet is the first month.  Today is also Sikh Environment Day, a campaign initiated by Eco Sikh and its volunteers throughout the globe and celebrated on the Gurgadi of Guru Har Rai Ji.

Chet (1)

“Chet” from Barah Maha Calender

What will your new year’s resolutions be?  What Sikh ideals will you plant today and seek growth of throughout the year?


Image from “A Lion’s Mane”

Barah Maha Calender via Sikh Foundation

A Lion’s Mane by Navjot Kaur via Saffron Press

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6 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. jasmeet says:

    happy new year to all :)

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