UPDATE: Signature’s Finale

In a day of updates, I figured I should update this one as well.

Although losing out on the 100,000 pound grand prize, the dynamic duo of Suleman Mirza and Madhu Singh have been invited by Michael Jackson to join him on his comeback tour in the UK. The newspaper report is a bit ambiguous suggesting that Signature may also perform with MJ in Las Vegas as well. Amazing job fellas! I am sure they are on cloud 9.


We’ve been following Signature over the last few months. From their audition appearance, to their semi-final Thriller, to even an interview with me highlighting their place in British Bhangra, before we all suffer from Signature overkill here is Suleman Mirza (often misspelled as Suleiman ) and Madhu Singh’s final performance.

Our dynamic Muslim and Sikh duo finished second on Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) to the dancing talent of George Sampson. While I was hoping for a “Beat It” performance, Madhu’s busy work schedule at PC World may not have allowed him to come up with a new routine. They stuck to their bread and butter of Tigerstyle’s Nachna Onda Nahin. A fine performance fellas. You even got Simon Cowell and the rest of the dorky judges to dance in their chairs.

YouTube Preview Image

Signature’s words and understanding of their own importance:

In a recent interview Madhu Singh said: Right now, you put the news on and it seems like its just stabbings everywhere in Britain. I hope that we and all the kids and other acts on the show demonstrate that Britain does have potential, and should be great. Sikhs are not just taxi drivers, and I want people to understand that. Neither of us has ever dreamed of playing down our religions.

Suleman added: People see headlines when they hear the words Muslim, and probably rightly so. I understand that some of the minority groups in the Muslim community havent made things easy for people like myself, who are moderate Muslims. But back in April, at the audition, I was proud to go out in front of the audience in my Muslim headwear. [link]

has given us bloggers plenty to dissect and analyze of Signature’s place or importance in contemporary British society in general and Asian society in particular and maybe even Sikh society as well.

Also as another side note:

Signature Will Be Going On Tour Soon All Around Britian So Keep Looking Back Cheackin For The Dates Or Just Go To www.itv.co.uk/talent

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  3. […] seen the talent in Britain, with Suleman Mirza and Madhu Singh together as Signature. And as brilliant as they may be, I have a partiality towards Sardool […]

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