Amrit Bains Tells It Like It Is

Sit down with my cousins in Punjab for more than a few minutes and in-between their reckless driving and ear-pumping tracks of Jazzy B and Gippy Grewal, they will often give their commentary about how Punjabi music is now trash and doesn’t represent the “true” culture.  Ask if they enjoy the folk music of Sharif Idu and they’ll ask, “Who?”  Push them further and they’ll blame artists like Jasbir Jassi and other hucksters of cheap lyrics and videos.  Here comes Amrit Bains of Canada (this video is also EPIC, check out the background dancers!) with a very different thesis, but one that may resonate with a previous conversation we’ve had here in The Langar Hall.  It is the music industry’s fault.

YouTube Preview Image

Well, enjoy the video, especially the AMAZING background dancers.  Sorry for the language, hope it brings a smile, and have a happy Friday!

UPDATE: Amrit Bains, a long-time bus driver, seems to be following his dreams.  Here is a great interview that gives some background of this singer.

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12 Responses to “Amrit Bains Tells It Like It Is”

  1. randep says:

    What do you think about the India worship, Jodha?

  2. Jodha says:

    @Randep – Good find! I hadn't seen the video (but on a random side note, he actually looks somewhat decent, as opposed to every other video I have seen). Rather unfortunate that he buys into the jingoism.

    Obviously I have written my thoughts on the state of India many time in the past. I think that is one area where we are actually on the same page.

  3. rocco says:


  4. Blighty Singh says:

    I can't bear to watch modern Punjabi videos (especially the ones made by Punjab based singers) because watching them is like having to sit and watch while your wife is raped in front of you. A blatant rape of my culture in front of my eyes.
    But……having just endured the video above…..In which a middle aged very unfashionable man is strutting about like a boy band member I am not sure if the 'rape' is worse than the cringe.

  5. Ujagar Singh Atwal says:

    The Langar Hall is doing great job on bringing subjects those are well worth the attention. Good for them to post this magnificent video 'Goddamn Thieves'. Great lyrics with solid message. Great dance real Epic moves. Amrit Bains looks solid and fit like a nail.( Someone talking about potbelly must be looking at himself ) Nowhere in the video he acts as a 17 years would do. He acts as a man that he is and of course he should.Keep it up Amrit Bains and keep it up The Langar Hall.

  6. Ogan says:

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