All Marriages Are Made In Heaven

newlyweds.jpgSo it is my mother use to tell me. This particular marriage, however, seems to have been made at Darbar Sahib (as close to heaven, as I’ll ever get!). UK’s tabloid press has reported on the wedding of Harvinder Kaur Khalsa (formerly Alexandra Aitken, daughter of disgraced Torty politician Jonathon Aitken) and Inderjot Singh. The picture speaks a thousand words.

Just as interesting has been her interest in Sikhi. Below the fold, you’ll find some of her thoughts/observations about her transformation, well worth a read!

Frankly, if someone had told me ten years ago, when I was living the party girl lifestyle in London, that a decade later Id be a teetotal vegan, I simply wouldnt have believed them.

If theyd gone on to tell me that Id also have converted to Sikhism, changed my name to Harvinder Kaur Khalsa and be married to an Indian warrior whom I fell in love with before we even exchanged a single word, Id have laughed my head off.

After all, I was positively allergic to organised religion. It just seemed so grey to me. But then I dont really think of Sikhism as a religion, more a path for anyone who is looking for something more spiritual.

Later she writes a line that echoes some of Guru Nanak’s own thoughts:

As I see it, youve got one of two options; you can either find a drug dealer, or you can find something thats going to give you a natural high. Everyones looking for something Ive found it in Sikhism.

Guru Nanak, when offered marijuana, spoke:

Bau qyrw BWg KlVI myrw cIqu ]
bho thaeraa bhaa(n)g khalarree maeraa cheeth ||
The Fear of You, O Lord God, is my marijuana; my consciousness is the pouch which holds it.

SGGS, 721

Our best wishes from TLH to the newlyweds!

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5 Responses to “All Marriages Are Made In Heaven”

  1. . . . . really think of Sikhism as a religion, more a path for anyone who is looking for something more spiritual." Isn't it what the Gurbani teaches as well as four doors at the Harimandir Sahib symbolise? Mrs.Harvinder Kaur Khalsa said it all as she enters through one of them. Congratulations on your wedding Mr. and Mrs Indian warrior ! May you have a long and fruitful married life. It is a good post Jodha ! Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Sikh says:

    I am all for succesful marriages but this is a joke.

  3. Sarah S says:

    Hi!, I’m new on here and excited to be a part of the conversation !

  4. simmi kaur singh says:

    it is amazing to see how you have so gracefully adapted the sikh religion as your daily lifestyle. They are so many of us born into sikh families who are still extremely ignorant of the infinite spiritual knowledge sikhism offers. We have all been trapped by all the illusions this world has to offer. Your soul is beautiful for it has recognized reality. You most certainly will attain oneness with God during this lifetime. Many of us still wonder astray, in this lifetime and maybe many to come. Congratulations to you!!!!!

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