Encouraging Higher Education

Saanjh Sikh Scholarship has announced its 2010 Saanjh Scholars and awarded scholarships to four California high school students entering institutions of higher education. The 2010 scholarship recipients are Amandeep Kaur, Harmanpreet Kaur, Harsimratpal Kaur, and Kamalpreet Sahota.

The Saanjh Sikh Scholarship was commenced by a group of college students who attended Saanjhthe Bay Area Sikh retreat, in 2009. The Saanjh Sikh retreat is held annually in the San Francisco Bay Area, where college students and young professionals come together to learn and discuss Sikhi and contemporary Sikh issues. This years retreat will be from October 7-10, in Santa Cruz, CA.

The impetuous behind this effort was to actually start supporting higher education in our community rather than only lamenting the lack thereof. At the Saanjh retreat in August 2009, while discussing the pressing needs of our community, participants organized into different seva groups. The scholarship group took it upon themselves to raise money and support for four modest scholarships to encourage higher education in our community. They then used their various networksSSA, Gurdwaras, Facebookto solicit applications from deserving Sikh high school students.

Amongst over 30 applicants, 4 students were selected on the merit of their academic and extracurricular achievements as well as their commitment to seva, Sikhi, and personal growth and goals. Kamalpreet Sahota, who is now headed to University of California Davis, said I am honored to be one of the recipients I promise I will not disappoint the communitys faith in my success and ambition.

The Saanjh Sikh Scholarship committee thanks all supporters and donors who helped make this initiative a success. $6,000 of scholarship money is being awarded this year. The hope is that, with the communitys continuing support, Saanjh Sikh Scholarship will be able to lay a strong foundation for the next generation and inspire students to excel in their studies and give back to the community upon graduation. As Professor Puran Singh says: The Khalsa looks at the world from a supreme height, blessing all, helping all, loving all, with [the Khalsas] beautiful looks from the inner self of all life.”

The sevadaars are now planning for next years scholarships and welcome all forms of help!

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