What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?

Author Richard Florida identifies three questions that each of us struggle with over the course of our lives.

1) What do I do with my life?
2) Who do I spend my life with?
3) Where do I want to live?

Obviously, all three are interrelated in many ways but for most of us growing up in North America the first question is the one the one that actually sets up the other two. How I want to spend my life is also a very different question than what kind of job do I want to have. A job or career must be examined in the greater context of one’s purpose in this world. This is even more relevant for practicing Sikhs as our destiny is one of greater purpose. We have been blessed with the awareness that the Creator of this universe resides within each of us and we are here to reconnect with this divinity. To do that, we must live a life of effort, remembrance and service. Yes as Sikhs we are to live in the world as householders, but there something more to life than just going to school, getting a job and raising a family. We are saints and activists, connecting with the Divine and fighting to the death for the rights of all.

Thus Sikh youth must look at career choices as more than just picking between medicine, law, engineering, IT or whatever prestigious high-paying occupations their parents and friends have deemed attractive. It is about finding a path that fulfills their ‘worldly’ needs but also points them towards connecting with their Guru.

To help support young Sikh women on their journey SAFAR, The Sikh Feminist Research Institute, has organized a conference. Their aim is to bring together young Sikh women who are exploring their career options and connect them with older Sikh women who are more established in their careers.

As a young woman do you wonder where your journey is taking you? What career possibilities are open to you? Would you like to meet women who are already navigating their career paths?

Come and share journeys with inspiring women leaders!

This conference welcomes all young women in Peel Secondary schools to:

  • Build leadership capacity;
  • Forge connections between their own creative inspiration and career paths;
  • Benefit from the networking opportunity and seek potential Sikh women mentors from within the community.

Sharing Our Journeys – A Young Women’s Leadership Conference will take on Sunday, March 18, 2012 from 9:30 am 4:00 pm at Louise Arbour Secondary School (365 Father Tobin Road, Brampton, ON, L6R 0R4). Speakers include Mallika Kaur, Rapinder Kaur, Asis Sethi, Auvniet Kaur Tehara, Jenifferjit Sidhu, and Baghael Kaur.

To learn more the event and the participants, visit the Facebook page or register here.

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