Canadian Election 2011 Results – State of the Sikhs

canada_and_sikhs.jpgAlthough this election season had seen the largest Punjabi field of candidates in Canada’s history, the number of MPs of Sikh background did decline.

The winners: The Tory party had a field night and can now claim an all-out majority in the Canadian parliament.  The NDP had a very strong showing becoming the official opposition party.

The losers: The Liberal party suffered a crushing defeat and the individual election results largely followed this trend.

On the way out/On their way in – Navdeep Singh Bains, previously covered and once seen as a rising star, lost to Eve Adams.  Gurbax Malhi, who had been an MP since 1993, lost to Bal Gosal.  Ruby Dhalla, a friend of murderers and thugs, was kicked out and replaced by Parm Gill.  Sukh Dhaliwal, who gained special acclaim for raising the banner the Sikh cause, lost against Jinny Sims.  Ujjal Dosanjh, long criticized for his divisive role in the Sikh community, was finally defeated (and hopefully ends his career) by Wai Young.  Also, Jasbir Sandhu of the NDP successfully defeated incumbent Dona Cadman (pagh salute to Jagpal Tiwana for making me aware of my omission!)

Stayed safe – Conservative candidates Tim Uppal and Nina Grewal retained their seats.

Of note – Andrew Kania was defeated by Kyle Seeback.

Of interest – Jagmeet Singh of the NDP energized the youth and lost by a mere 500 votes in an election that only a month ago he was thought to be a non-factor.  Also one of the most interesting pre-election article I ever saw was on the growing maturity of a Sikh electorate as described by the Toronto Sun’s Raveena Aulakh.

So this is the view from south of Canada’s border.  Hoping to have a full-analysis later in the day and hope to hear from our Canadian brothers and sisters about the results and their meanings.

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10 Responses to “Canadian Election 2011 Results – State of the Sikhs”

  1. Jasbeer Bartinder says:

    Ruby Dhalla, a friend of murderers and thugs, was kicked out by Parm Gill, another friend of murderers and thugs. How appropriate. It's amazing how one-sided your view is, and how you fail to see that other politicians aren't so clean either. As for Mr. Dosanjh, I believe he's put his foot in his mouth a few times, but it would be pretty tough for someone to not be shell-shocked if he was beaten up by murderers and thugs, and if he was receiving death threats all the time (even on radio! WTF is with that?). The fact of the matter is that if you're going to post links to try to beef up your accusations, read up a little more on it and you might find more than meets the eye.

    Politics is a dirty game, and no one is going to play it without getting a little dirt on them

  2. sim says:

    jagmeet singh won our hearts….he is a certain mp next time….

  3. elmer says:

    ujjal did not receieve death threats on the radio…the whole nagar kirtan thing was over exaggerated and taken out of context…

    also…i am also proud of jagmeet singh, the split vote caused bal gosal to win and lets hope that he does not become the next malhi and just sit in parliament and literally say nothing or do nothing but i still think jagmeet would have been the best thing for malton-gore area but oh well next time he can run again

  4. Khalsaji says:

    People you need a life…forget Khalistan and all that BS! and someone teach Jagmeet to tie a turban please…

  5. BIk says:

    Wow Ujjal is out! I have to hand it to the Canadian Sikhs, they are a lot more mature than the ones in the UK who will vote for the same party (Labour) even if it puts up a donkey as a candidate! Here the type of politician like Ujjal would have stayed MP until he was into his 80s and only after death cast the final vote and he went out in a box!

  6. Jagpal S Tiwana says:

    In your artticle name of
    Surrey North: Jasbir Sandhu, NDP 14,678 (won); Dona Cadman, Con. 13,181; Shinder Purewal, Lib. 6,797

    was missing


  7. Melina Challen says:


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