Immigration Matters

Conocimiento.jpgImmigration is a popular topic on The Langar Hall. Many of us being immigrants ourselves, if not the children of immigrants, the topic often hits home. Still anytime the topic of ‘illegal immigration’ takes place (at least here in the United States), many Sikhs believe that it is the problem of Mexicans. Despite the fact that many of us know, have family members, have ourselves come to this country without ‘legal’ documentation, still the problem is that of another.

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times helps explode this myth:

About 650 Indians were arrested in southern Texas in the last three months of 2010 alone. Indians are now the largest group of immigrants other than Latin Americans being caught at the Southwest border…Most of the immigrants say they are from the Punjab or Gujarat states.

I strongly suggest Langa(r)eaders to take a look at the article. Interestingly enough, despite the importance of the issue, few Sikhs really engage with the issue. Most Sikh advocacy organizations in the US (SALDEF, Sikh Coalition, etc.) are sympathetic to the issue, but hardly promote action or dialogue within the community. In fact, the institution that most deals with the issue are our local Gurdwaras.

I am pleased to announce the Sikh youth as taking a strong engagement with the issue. The College Sikh collaborative has teamed up with the Jakara Movement, to create the first all-SSA Alternative Spring Break (ASB). This pilot project will look at the issue of immigration through working with border human rights groups, working with families of day laborers, speaking to law enforcement officials, and visiting numerous sites to engage with the issue. If you are free on the dates – March 23-25, 2011, do register (hey, actually do something during your spring break!). THE DEADLINE FOR REGISTERING HAS BEEN EXTENDED until Sunday, March 20, 2011! I hope to provide a report of the initiative afterwards.

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4 Responses to “Immigration Matters”

  1. Harjit Singh says:

    Excellent, After running across this weblog and reading this post, I felt not alone. I felt the same way about what is being done in our community level to educate families and individuals about this illegal immigration.
    This needs to be communicated to broader audience and not just youth…I am impressed that you are taking lead.

  2. Given the limited time and resource at their disposal, since they are all voluteers in full time education/jobs, I am amazed not only by the courage but also the vision and wisdom by which the Langarhall bloggers are daring to take the bull by the horn on community issues so important yet swept under the carpet by their older folk for too long. I hope the roa(r)eaches not only here but at the source in Punjab and Gujrat too!

  3. Harjit Singh says:

    I like the energtic youth…they have so much to do for our community…we must support them by all means…instead of draggin their legs with old school mentality….Time has changed and so should we adopt accordingly…Am not sure people back home or the recent migrants will understand the issues we face in US today.

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