Visions of Truth: Sikh Stories and Films

timthumb.phpLast week, Reema discussed the dynamic Punjabi-Sikh art scene. We’ve come a long way, especially in the field of film and media with a growing number of films by, for and about Sikhs. Now, you can attend Sikh film festivals in every corner of the country and even internationally. In addition to this, Sikhnet recently announced it’s 2009 Youth Online Film Festival. This online film festival is especially significant as it offers young inspired Sikhs an opportunity to showcase their creativity on a positive platform. Films such as turBAN, a film by Dashmesh Pictures and G.N.E., provides an “artistic editorial challenging current regulations invoked in the French public school system.” Each film plays an important role inportrayingSikh stories in creative ways.

Another notable film-related event is Visions of Truth, a traveling film festival devoted to showcasing films about 1984. The film festival will be held during the months of September and October in eight regions in California including: Yuba City, Sacramento, San Jose, Fresno, Los Angeles, Irvine, Riverside and San Diego.

The goal of “Visions of Truth” is to spur dialogue between members of the community by showcasing film and music media related to the third Sikh holocaust (1984). This event remains one the most significant, events in the history of Sikhs. In early June 1984 the Indian Army invaded one of the most historic of all Sikh Gurdwaras, the Darbar Sahib complex in Amritsar, Punjab. The ensuing destruction and loss of life marked one of the darkest chapters of the later 20th century for Sikhs. The aim of the film festival is not only to remember the events of 1984 but also to raise awareness in the community and promote positive dialogue. [link]

The film festival is completely free and is open to the Sikh and non-Sikh local community in each region. While many film festivals aim to highlight creative talents in the Sikh community, the aim of Visions of Truth is to also provide education and awareness around the eventssurrounding1984. Film and media clearly plays an important role in providing a voice to these stories. The sevadars for this event have also created a “Screening Guide” with the aim that this film festival can be replicated and implemented in any region around the world. If you are interested in accessing this guide, please email us and we can forward you the PDF document.

View the site for more details and for those living in the Bay Area and the Central Valley – you can catch this festival on Saturday September 19th from 12pm-630pm.

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  2. iSingh says:

    Are they doing the rounds in 2010 ?

  3. iSingh says:

    Are they doing the rounds in 2010 ?