The Wonder of the Shaheed Shaheed da Gazab – Bhai Sahib Balwant Singh Rajoana


Kaum shaheed Guru dey buhey
Kar suthee Ardasaan

Nation at the Gurus door
I was asleep after Ardas

These lines penned by the Panths last poet Harinder Singh Mehboob. These lines ring true today, as they did nearly three decades ago.

It is the blood of the martyr that stirs a slumbering nation; it is the blood of the martyr that scares those in their palaces of power.

Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana has shaken the Sikhs. From London to Ludhiana, from Surrey to San Francisco, Sikhs are showing that the spirit of the community is not dead. We are not so focused on elections, careers, wealth, and family to forget the soul of the nation.

Although well-intentioned, I have seen some Sikhs circulating various petitions asking for clemency or a stay on the execution. They may not have read Bhai Sahibs own words he is calling to become a Shaheed. I humbly request people to stop circulating these petitions.

Punjabis and Sikhs in music and in conversations often lament for another Bhagat Singh or another Jarnail of the Panth. The wonder of the Shaheed stands before us. He asks not for leniency, but he asks to be embraced in the arms of the Guru as he marches to his wedding day on March 31, 2012. He has proudly admitted his actions and seeks judgment not from the courts of tyrants, but only from the Court of the Timeless. We are to celebrate that one Sikh stands tall with dignity, his dastar, his smile, and his Guru.

Others online have called for Ardas, akhand paaths, simran, and kirtan. All this is wonderful and should be done.

However, Bhai Sahib Balwant Singh Rajoana has called for something else.

He has called ALL SIKHS to fly Kesri flags on March 31, 2012. Please tell your friends and family to fly the flag from their dorm rooms, homes, apartments, businesses, and offices. Share your pictures on the internet and social media so that we take strength from one another. As our last Panthic Jarnail repeatedly reminded us – We are NOT a minority; we are nation.


The reason for Bhai Sahibs request is in the essence of Sikhi. Shaheedi is not the act of an individual, it is a witnessing of the wonder of the Guru. It is to be shared and to be a public event.

Sikhs in Punjab have mobilized. To those that have oft-heard naysayers state that Sikhs in Punjab “dont care”, show them the pictures of the crowds of youth that came out in Ludhiana from their colleges to show their support. The Shaheeds blood has woken them.

The Sikhs in London left their schools, work, jobs, and other responsibilities to come together at the India High Commission and express their solidarity with Bhai Sahib and to shout their voices at Delhi that we will have justice. (pagh salute @BlightySingh)

The Sikhs on the west coast of the United States will form a sangat tomorrow at 12pm at the Indian Consulate at 530 Arguello Boulevard in San Francisco, CA. Buses will depart from Gurdwara Sahib Fremont at 10:30am;Gurdwara Sahib San Jose at 10am; Gurdwara Sahib El Sobrante at 11am; from Stockton Gurdwara at 9am; and from Yuba City (Tierra Buena) at 8:30am. PLEASE TAKE THE DAY OFF!

For more information please see the following facebook group (pagh salute: @randep)

The palaces of power are shaking. Bhai Rajoana has called out the corrupt traitors (gadaar) and politicians to take a stand on the last Ghallughara. The Prakash, the Sukhbirs, and Manpreet Badals quake; the Sant Samaj and all these so-called Panthic jathebandis tremble; their cronies sitting on the seats of SGPC president and even the jathedari shiver and beg to stall. The role of these men, as has been the case of their entire careers, is to delay, defer, and keep their kursi. They fear the Shaheed. They fear a man of convictions, for they have none. They have coffers of money, but no soul. Do not look for action from jathedars, politicians, and leaders. They do not lead. They fear and caution against the violence of Sikhs, but give promotions to themurderers of Sikhs. The Guru has given you the spirit to take collective action.

I have seen messages on facebook and other forums meant to divide and splinter. I see Babbar Khalsas claiming one that was never theirs. I see bickering and fighting. This is the time for unity, power, and determination. We stand united for justice. Tell Delhi Takht that we have not forgotten. Our pagh holds tall and we are 20 million together.

We stand together at the threshold of momentous moment in our collective history. We stand at the Gurus buhay (door). We are being awakened by the martyr. This is the wonder (gazab) of the Shaheed.

On March 31, 2012 fly our flag high:

Jhooltey nishaan rahey, Panth Maharaaj kay!
May the flag of the the Guru Khalsa Panth continue to fly high!


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19 Responses to “The Wonder of the Shaheed Shaheed da Gazab – Bhai Sahib Balwant Singh Rajoana”

  1. rocco says:

    I must admit that I got emotional while reading this article. Bhai Sahib Jarnail Singh Rajoana should be celebrated by the nation as we celebrate Udham, Bhagat and Kartar with songs, t-shirts and melas. But more important, is to inculcate his spirit and sacrifice into our own lives. Bhai Sahib is proof positive that one men can move the world.

  2. Sanehval says:

    Is SikhChic going to sack up and write something or what? Shame on them. Blighty and Randep would do good to hound them.

  3. @kjsingh says:

    He shouldn't die. Sikhs should not lose their another brother while so many mass killers go scot free!

  4. Arti says:

    This breaks my heart. It doesn't matter if he was held in jail for 15 years and now more people are becoming aware of the situation, the point is that a human being, regardless of what he did, is paying for something that benefited the rest of us Sikhs. The confidence that he has is something that I envy. As he is walking to join the Gurus, he isn't afraid, and instead still wants to help other people even when he is gone. India is never going to improve as a democratic nation as demonstrated here. People are concerned with themselves and will never have the bravery and courage that Bhai Balwant Singh Ji has. Politicians could care less, this is just another person to them, but to the rest of us, this is a role model. Nobody talks about the thousands of policemen who themselves participated in the killings of Sikh men and women during Operation Bluestar. Corrupt politicians who watched Sikh families get ripped apart now seek their votes. This is nothing what the Gurus wanted for Sikhism, and it makes me sad that such men will call themselves Sikhs when their intentions are nothing but selfish, corrupt, and indecent. Bhai Balwant Singh Ji will always be an image of what true Sikhism is about.

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  6. Tegs says:

    The Nazi Hindu gang of mass murders and their collaborators like Parkash Badal and his his appointed cowardly Jathedars are really scared. They can see that Bhai Balwant Singh Rojoana has woken up the Sikh nation which was in deep slumber. Hindu propaganda media and many GOI agents are now calling for "mercy" or Maafi" and clamoring for Bhai Balwant Singh to sign a petition for saving his life. But this brave son of Guru Gobind Singh has seen through their game and warned Akal Takhat Jathedar that no such petition be filed on his behalf. I will also request every one in diaspora never to sign any mercy petition and use this occasion to highlight the hypocritical double face of India. In fact our demand should be unconditional release.

    In case Bhai Balwant Singh is hanged on March 31st 2012, it will be the biggest gift to Sikh nation. It will revive the dormant Sikh freedom movement and will be another nail in the coffin of Nazi Hindu occupation and servile, cowardly and corrupt collaborators.

  7. Singh Amitoj says:

    Facebook User’s Ah Page Zaroor Like Krna

  8. Kaur says:

    We all need another Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale to bring our kaum back to the path of true Sikhi and inculcate the passion to fight for our rights in order to stop the unjust treatment that Delhi has done to the Sikhs in all the times and is still doing. And all the traitors of the panth in form of our political leaders, who call themselves Sikhs (Badal and company) shall be taught a lesson. Bhai Balwant Singh Ji Rajoana has proved himself to be fit for leading Sikh panth as a leader that can unite us. Waheguru Ji Chardi Kala wich rakhan ohna nu.

  9. randep says:

    The Global Movement for Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana acknowledges the Sikh Organizations in California, Gurdwara Committee’s, and Sangat that came together in unprecedented numbers to protest the death sentence of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana. Well over a thousand rallied outside the Indian Consulate in San Francisco until four pm to voice resistance to the Indian nation-state. Flags, banners, posters celebrating Bhai Rajoana overflowed the Embassy precincts, belittling the Indian governments claims to having defeated the Sikh struggle. Speakers included representatives of various student organizations, Gurdwara’s across California, and community organizers. The movement, organized by UC Berkeley Sikh Student Federation, raised financial support for Bibi Kamaljit Kaur, sister of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana, of $4088. This money is to be transferred to her direct account tomorrow, on 3/24/2012.

    Four resolutions were passed in the rally:

    1.The Akal Takht must take a strong stance in support of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana – support the passage of a resolution for Bhai Rajoana’s release in the Punjab assembly

    2.The Akal Takht must initiate a call to occupy and march on Patiala Jail immediately; Punjab.

    3. Bibi Kamaljit ought to be honored as 'Panth di Bhein' and given financial support immediately.

    4.Sikhs in the diaspora must start grassroots level networking consisting of community activists, gurdwara committees to create an effective structure to address these issues in the future.

    These resolutions have been sent to the Jathedar of the Akal Takht on behalf of Sikh organizations and individuals in attendance. A call was made for a continued struggle in California that rises above party affiliations towards a unified Sikh struggle for freedom. In the coming week, the new generation’s Sikh scholars will be presenting, CHALLENGING THE NATION’S RIGHT TO KILL: LIFE & MARTYRDOM OF BHAI BALWANT SINGH RAJOANA – at UC Berkeley. The Global Movement for Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana continues with rallies in Europe, North America, and Australia.

  10. Surjit says:

    I'm from San Fransico and moved to Toronto, Canada 2 years ago. I see that my fellow sikhs back home "California" have done an amazing job on spreading the word and coming together to protest this matter and making people aware of what the Sikh Community is going through. Now my question is to Canada for being a country that is known for its Sikh Culture and Community what have you done to enlighten people about this situation. I have not heard or seen any of any Rally's we can attend, or any protesting. The Greater Toronto Area should be ashamed of themselves for having Sikh MP's in power right now and not doing a darn thing.

  11. rocco says:

    I am upset with SIkh Organizations like Ensaaf, Sikh Coalition, Score, Sikh Resources, Saldef that have done nothing. They may feel it is not their "organization's mandate" or "organizational goal" but they should bind together and atleast put out a statement?? They make it a point to divorce themselves from issues not happening in the USA. WTF?!

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  13. Roop says:

    I'm all for Sikh rights, in fact human rights. We should never have allowed Punjab to be ceded to India, and a secular Punjab Suba … but I think a Khalistan is not a good idea as it could end up like Israel Or Pakistan, an extreme state. But we have now been put in a horrible predicament, between a rock and hard place that will polarize Sikhs and Punjabis if they hang this man. I see a storm coming. I worry for Punjab.

  14. Jennell says:

    I just put the link of your blog on my Facebook Wall. very nice blog indeed.�-�,