The First Youth Camp for At-Risk Sikh Boys

Bhujangi_English.jpgDo you know a young boy, ages 13-16 that may have:

  • problems in school or with family
  • exhibiting low self-esteem or low motivation
  • making poor peer and relationship choices
  • defiant of authority
  • refusing to take responsibility
  • experimenting with drugs and alcohol

Maybe some of this describes your nephew, maybe a cousin, maybe a brother, maybe even a son.

There is a unique opportunity for them.  It is a first in our community.

We have long heard about the problems of Punjabi masculinity, anger problems, substance abuse that are facts in our community.  The cases in Surrey are the most well-known and documented.

We need community solutions.   Here is one.  The Jakara Movement is attempting to reach out to young boys, before these problems become truly manifest.  For the first time, they are conducting the Bhujangi Youth Academy from August 1-10, 2011 in the Kings Canyon National Park, California.

The camp will consist of classes, outdoor adventures, fitness, and fun in a Gurmat environment.

The website is still being developed, but they are looking for both PARTICIPANTS and VOLUNTEERS for this unique experience.

There are LIMITED spots open for participants.  Look at the details and APPLY NOW! (before 6/24/2011)

If you seek to be a member of the staff – maybe you have reclaimed your life, maybe you enjoy working with the youth, maybe you have a passion for the cause.  Then APPLY NOW! (before 6/22/2011).

Please help circulate this widely – send it to listserves, post on your FB, tweet it for us.  Help us get out the word!

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15 Responses to “The First Youth Camp for At-Risk Sikh Boys”

  1. Ajaib Kaur says:

    So, so powerful. Thank you Jakara for giving all youth the opportunity to feel part of this community.

    South Asian Youth Action (SAYA) in New York because they started a group called 'Mundeo Te Bach Ke' about five years ago in Queens, to address the specific needs of Sikh boys and also because of Sikh-Guyanese gang tension in the area. The only challenge was that the 'at-risk' boys did not attend, mostly boys who had a good level of self-esteem, just a hurdle they faced in starting the group.

  2. Mewa says:

    Ajaib Kaur – point well taken about SAYA's attempt. Two marks of lessons learned. 1) we are an organization that is actually a Sikh organization and have more credibility within the California Sangat, which I would assume an organization like SAYA may not in terms of Sikh-specificity. 2) we don't believe that attempting to lure some of the 'at-risk' boys is the best strategy. We are actually trying to gain the attention of their parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. to 'recommend' that child for the camp.

    Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. kantay says:

    Awesome and thank you. keep this going and it will grow. there are plenty of sikh men who would love to help. you all are trailblazers, keep it going and the rest of us will follow. this is a big need in our community and a need we can most definitely eventually meet with flying colors.

  4. Mewa says:

    Kantay – thanks for the kind words!! If you are free during that period, feel out a staff application.

    Thanks again for the encouragement! Gur Fateh!

  5. Bik says:

    Seems like a great initiative and something that needs to be replicated in other areas where Sikhs live. I hope the organisers will update their website after the camp with the campers experiences and feedback as well the organisers assessment of the camp. This could serve as a template for other Sikh organisations wanting to undertake a similar effort.

  6. Bina Israni says:

    focus on the kids who have problem speaking the language as well as has problem accepting their culture!!!Do not use the word at risk rather advertise that come and learn about your roots!!!Meet and greet ,discuss your ideas to share, learn and support each other to be confident and be proud of your culture as a TRUE SIKH!!!!I would like to be the part of your camp. BINA

  7. […] from August 1-10, I had the opportunity to be a sevadar for the Jakara Movement’s first annual Bhujangi Youth Academy.  Unlike anything else in our community before, the academy specifically served the needs of […]

  8. […] from August 1-10, I had the opportunity to be a sevadar for the Jakara Movement’s first annual Bhujangi Youth Academy.  Unlike anything else in our community before, the academy specifically served the needs of […]

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